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Dr. Bella Dental Clinic

Dr. Bella Dental Clinic

Bukfurdo, Hungary   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 BUK-BAD Thermal krt. 47. H- 9740 Ungarn





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Dr. Bella Dental Clinic uses the highest standards and technologies with very competitive prices comparable to the same procedures in neighboring countries. Our patients can save between 50%-70% of dental treatment costs at our clinic compared to treatments in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, and England.

In addition:
At the Bella Optic Clinic, eye examinations are available. For any eye operation or intensive care requirements we utilize the County Hospital.

Health massages and Foot massages are available daily at our Health corner for your comfort and relaxation.

Dr. Bella’s Dental Clinic offers free accommodations at their hotel to patients undergoing procedures.

We also arrange for free transfers from the Vienna international airport.


Esthetic/cosmetic odontology:

-Cosmetic contouring 
-Dental ceramics (total or partial) 
-Dental porcelain (tooth colour) 
-Carving of gums with cosmetic laser 
-Maxillo-facial corrections 
-Professional dental cleansing (intensive cleansing, polishing)


-Anamnesis and test of tolerability 
-Team work for an individual implantation (surgeon, prothetist, internist, prosthetist-orthotist) 
-Anaethesis advice and individual follow through by anesthesiologists 
-Several, different implantation systems according to the bone quality and quantity 
-Different techniques of bone developmenet and bone regeneration (bio-bone, Cerasorb, Algipore) 
-Pulp cavity OP (open and closed sinus) 
-Bones regeneration through parodontal surgery


-Open and closed periodontology 
-Laser periodontology 
-Gums moulding


-Our own laboratory specialised in fixed partial denture 
-Bridges,crowns,zircondioxid,protheses with titan
-Computer planned (CAD/CAM) freese technique with zircon and titan
-Via oral camera technicians are alive controlling the orders
-OP Panorama X Ray
-Total dental ceramics rehabilitation in case of allergy 
-Individual test of materials tolerability
-Ceramic layer, adjustment and staining directly in the mouth for a perfect esthetic result


-Dental cleaning 
-Airflow cleaning 
-Individual recall

Conservative dentistry:

-Cavitary preparation 
-Dental adhesive system 
-Inlay ? gold/ceramic 
-Direct ceramic-inlay preparation according to the Cerec 3 method 
-Root treatment 
-Root resection 
-Individual test of materials tolerability