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Dr Marco Munoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic

San Jose, Costa Rica   |   Accreditation: none listed 

PO BOX 5826-1000

Calles 28-30 Avenida 3 bis # 2841


Dr Marco Munoz Peralta -Treatment Coordinator-


(011) 506-2255-3386 or (011) 506-2222-8443



General cleaning $50
X rays (panoramic) $30
X rays (periapical) $15 each

Study die Cast models $25 each


One stage (immediate load implant ) $500Two stage ( delayed load implant ) $ 600 
Sinus Grafting $ 1500each.


Cosmetic Recontouring of teeth $ 50
Gingival Cosmetic recontouring $50 (simple elimination of “gummy smile”)
Crowns ( metal porcelain) $250
Crowns (Zirconium) $360 each 
Crowns (Gold) $360 each
Pure porcelain crowns $260
Veneers $260
Fillings ( only resin composite) $ 50 each
Teeth whitening ( Zoom chairside system) $300
Teeth Whitening ( Home Kit) $200
Removable Partial dentures $450 each upper or lower.
Full Dentures $450 each
Fixed Bridges $250 per unit ( same as crowns, depending on material)


Tooth extractions $50
Wisdom tooth extraction surgery $250
Apicectomy $200
Bone graft ( small case) $ 200 if it is bigger $300 and up.
Impacted teeth ( extraction) $200
Gingival graft $ 200

Root Canal Treatment $ 250 ( all types of teeth)
Core and post $ 125

Periodontal treatment ( per quadrant ) $200

WE ARE the BEST OPTION for your Dental Treatment

-American trained Bilingual Doctors and Highly trained staff with continuous Education and Permanent Studies.
-Our knowledge and experience: More than 41 years of Dental Practice, 29 years of experience in Implant Dentistry, More than 10,300 implants placed to date.

- Dr. Marco Mu?oz Cavallini in conjunction with another surgeon was the first Dentist to place a Dental Implant in Costa Rica, in May of 1980.

-Dr. Marco Mu?oz Cavallini and later Dr. Marco Mu?oz Peralta were the first Dentists to place Immediate One Stage Osteocompressive permanent Implants in Costa Rica and currently the only ones to do so in Costa Rica.

-All of our Dental Implants are Titanium made, are ADA and FDA approved.
-We are pioneers on Immediate Load Implants
-We are located in Costa Rica, a safe and peaceful country. Costa Rica is located closer to the USA and Europe than other very far away and not so safe locations like Thailand and India.

-We have exclusive distribution rights in Costa Rica for OCO Biomedical Dental Implants.

-We offer the exclusive One Stage Osteocompressive Immediate Permanent Implant by OCO Biomedical, saving time and money for our patients.

- We also distribute implants from Ultimatics,USA and offer their one stage immediate load dental implants.

- In some cases our Implants can be placed with a no Flap and no suture Technique, just in minutes, a Painless procedure saving time and money for our patients.

-The Unipost Design in OCO Biomedical Immediate Dental Implants and from Ultimatics does not require extra abutments or Prosthetic Components: these savings are translated directly to our patients.

-We are the only Dental Clinic in Costa Rica to work with BOTH one stage (immediate) AND two Stage (delayed) Dental Implants.

-Healing process take Days not months

-We offer 24 hour Personal pre and post operative care

-Ample experience in Oral Rehabilitation, Cosmetic Dentistry and other Dental Fields like the ones we offer at our site.

- Oral Rehabilitations ?regardless of extension and difficulty- can be completed in one trip to Costa Rica, saving a lot of time and money to our clients.
-Our in site exclusive Dental Lab not only assures fast quality rehabilitation, it results in more efficient procedures. Time and money savings for everyone.

-Our in site Dental Lab has highly trained staff with more than 20 years of experience, trained specially to meet our needs and quality standards.

-We own state of the art facilities, with the most recent and efficient high-Tech Equipment.

-More than 41 years of Dental Practice with 29 years in Implant Dentistry, has given us a leading purchasing role with Dental Suppliers around the world.

-We have a Foreign Affairs Coordinator to help or arrange all travel and lodging issues for International Patients at no extra charge.

We offer free transportation from and back to the Airport and to Dental Appointments from neighboring Hotels.

-Our prices are competitive

-Foreign Patients pay the same prices as Costa Rican Patients.

-We treat our patients in a humane and respectful manner, all of our procedures are pain-free.

-All of the Materials used for different Dental Treatments by our Dental Clinic are ADA and FDA approved.

-Thousands of satisfied patients around the world support our work.

For more info visit www.aetheticdentistrycr or write to dentalcostarica@hotmail.com


Travel Information:

We can help you with all of your traveling arrangements.

All this is coordinated by Mr. Edward Migliaccio International Affairs Coordinator.
He will set up all details, for your stay in Costa Rica to be joyful.

Close by Hotels to the office range from $25 to $120.. All hotels close to our office.
Please read list below.
We offer free initial airport pick up, after this, all transportation will be charged to you, including your return to the Ariport, after treatment is completed.

Mr. Edward Migliaccio.
Tel: 011-(506)-22-32-00-06 or 011- (506) 89-82-27-27
e-mail: dentalcostarica@hotmail.com

Various Airlines fly to Costa Rica from your Hometown, or close to it.
For flight information and online tiecket purchasing you can visit
The Aiport you are going to arrive in Costa Rica is the Juan Sanatamaria in San Jose.
The international air code is : SJO

These hotels are very close to our office. This is just a small group, there are other options for you to choose.

www.Apartotel-LaSabana.com (Apartotel Sabana)
www.cristina.co.cr ( Apartotel Cristina)
www.rolandhotels.com ( Hotel Casa Roland)
www.grupomarta.com ( Best Western Irazu)
www.hotelcacts.com this one is next door to our office

Hotel Crown Plaza Corobici
Hotel Barcelo San Jose Palacio
www.kalexma.com ( Low Cost Bed and Breakfeast)
www.pradoinn.com (Prado Inn & Suites)

You can also visit www.hotels.com
And with the Office address above, you can book a hotel different from this list.

Insurance Accepted:

We fill forms and patient seeks posterior claim and payment from carrier

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