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Dr. Richard DeAndrea

Dr. Richard DeAndrea

richard-andreaDr. DeAndrea is the Holistic Health Director at TRIA Integrative Wellness Center. He is a trained surgeon from Cornell University, USA and is well-known for his individual healing approach of each patient. He has a multidisciplinary medical approach and is at the forefront with stem cell therapy.

In his treatment Dr. DeAndrea uses yoga, acupuncture, Ayuverda, hypnotherapy, colon hydrotherapy and also creates individual prescriptions for his patients.

He holds a progressive attitude to medicine and is an advisor for many associations and committees associated with holistic and naturopathic methods of treatment.

Dr. DeAndrea treats his patients with stem cells and teaches the breakthroughs in stem cell therapy all over the world. His medical approach is a combination of natural cures including the individual and the environment in the healing process.

Patients all over the world seek Dr. DeAndrea’s extensive knowledge in holistic doctrine and his amazing therapy results.

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