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Elemental Embrace Wellness Spa Retreat

Elemental Embrace Wellness Spa Retreat

Ontario, Canada   |   Accreditation: none listed 

255 Georgina Street, Brighton,

Ontario, K0K1H0


1.866.212.9355 / 613.475.9941



Elemental Embrace is a retreat built on the foundation of wellness. We aim to create an environment which will enable, bestow, empower, and advocate a healthy lifestyle which will enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Our focus is clearly upon enabling effective and lasting wellness which in most cases can only be achieved through a few nights out of your busy lifestyles, devoted to this environment of healing. I have created in conjunction with our resident Ayurvedic doctors and feedback from our clients to date, treatment packages templates on which you can base your stay in accordance with your program and based upon your specific goal and time at hand.

Every one of these packages includes a combination of Ayurvedic and spa treatments which follow each other with synergistic value. They give first timers to Ayurveda a glimpse of the health restorative properties of our Ayurvedic treatments in conjunction to the spa treatments we have grown to enjoy.


Ayurvedic Treatments

Weight loss
Specific Ayurvedic Treatments

Spa Services

Different Facials
Hot Stone Therapies
Massage Therapies


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