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European Health Centre Otwock

European Health Centre Otwock

Warsaw, Poland   |   Accreditation: none listed 

sp. z o.o., wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone, ul. Zytnia 16 lok

C, 01-014 Warsaw


hanna simaan


48 693396004



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The European Health Centre Otwock is a unique, not only for Poland, but also for Central and Eastern Europe, medical centre that combines two specialties: cardiology and oncology. Furthermore, it provides state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, urology, gynecology and orthopedic services, as well as minimally invasive neurosurgery.

The European Health Centre Otwock is a multidisciplinary facility that provides various medical services which include oncology and chemotherapy, general surgery and surgical oncology, cardiology, interventional radiology and cardiology. We offer other specialized departments and units, such as Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, urology, gynecology and urogynecology.

Our in-patient services allow complex medical diagnosis and treatment, and thus even the most complicated and specialty-crossing diseases can be treated in expedited fashion without any delays. The outpatient clinic, with multiple specialists and services, provides services such as screening, diagnosis and treatment to those patients who do not require an admission to the hospital, and to those who can be safely managed in the outpatient settings.

European Health Centre Otwock is one of the most technologically advanced diagnostic centres in Poland.

Our mission is to provide complement service to meet expectations of our patients. The service we provide consists of consulting, providing thorough diagnosis, treatment including surgical procedures and rehabilitation.

The European Health Centre Otwock provides services for organized groups, as well as for individual clients who are using:

– treatment plans (which cover hospital care, ambulatory care, or combinations of both)
– private insurance
– individual and group plans

We also offer complex medical care starting with basic physical examination and laboratory annual check ups, through prevention studies and standard medical treatment, to complex medical care for individuals or group of clients. In respect to the regular physical examination and other required, by employers, tests, to serve better our clients, we schedule all of these tests during one day.

The European Health Centre Otwock is the data coordinating centre for: Kidney Cancer 2009 Program and for the Polish Kidney Cancer Group. The program goal is to receive and analyze the data from 15 oncology centres scattered throughout Poland to assess the real time picture of the problem: diagnosis, treatment, complications and other problems which may require immediate attention.

All clinical and academic aspects within the European Health Centre Otwock are overseen by the Educational Board of Health Centre Otwock, which comprises worldwide known experts in clinical oncology and cardiology, surgery and surgical oncology, thoracosurgery, urology, and also clinical psychiatry.

Our goal is to provide high standard, and professional medical care in timely fashion. We treat our clients with dignity and respect, and provide high degree of confidentiality.


General Surgery
Oncological Surgery


Jakub Zołnierek, MD, PhD, Pawel Nurzynski, MD, PhD

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