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FIV Marbella

FIV Marbella

Marbella, Spain   |   Accreditation: Spanish Fertility Society 

Avenida Severo Ochoa

Clinica Ochoa


Michelle Wood


34 951 087975


We are a new concept of clinic, a multidisciplinary group of professionals united with one aim, to achieve your maternity.

Formed by a team that brings together medical professionals with over 20 years’ experience in Assisted Reproduction with highly trained embryologists with an international working career in countries like Spain, Italy and the United States, with extensive experience in infertility treatment. We also have a nursing team and a specialized international department with experience in reproductive medicine, which will guide you whatever their nationality.

We know that the IVF laboratory is the “engine of a reproduction center” therefore in our facilities we have not spared in any way and we have incorporated the latest advances in relation to bio-medical knowledge, technical or in data as in equipment with the best and latest technology to develop our work for which FIV Marbella has become one of the most advanced clinics in Spain.

Our center has spacious consultation rooms, an exquisite patient care; the laboratory has air filtration and positive pressure and low pressure incubators with oxygen to support embryonic development. All our microscopes are the latest as the micro injectors which in turn are heated. All these advances provide the most optimal environment for embryo growth thereby increasing implantation and pregnancy rates

Our Patient Care department can arrange your travel and your stay in Marbella, combining leisure and holidays so that the completion of treatment does not involve any change in their daily lives or work. This is a professional unique service in Spain.


Egg donation,
sperm donation,
embryo adoption,
Blastocyst Transfer
Surgical Sperm Retrieval
Artificial Insemination


Dr. Manel Elbaile

Travel Information:

Our fertility clinic FIV Marbella is situated within Clinic Ochoa, which features top quality facilities, located on the promenade of Marbella on the seafront and only a few minutes from Marbella Town Centre. Our patients can feel safe as they are in a hospital infrastructure with doctors on call 24 hours a day.

Insurance Accepted:

At FIV Marbella we can finance your treatment

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