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Fundacio IMOR

Fundacio IMOR

Barcelona, Spain   |   Accreditation: none listed 

C/ Escuelas Pias n? 81

08017 Barcelona


932 531 670



Website in: English, Catala, Spanish

The Fundaci? IMOR (Institut M?dic d?nco-Radioter?pia) is a specialized center which is dedicated to attending oncological patients. Its objective is to give quick and personalized care, offering the most innovative medical technology.

The specialized and open nature of the center, featuring the most modern technical equipment, as well as the location in an area which is very near to the main medical centers and respected clinics of Barcelona, making it a reference point for the treatment by Radiation therapy.

The Fundaci? has a team of professional specialists in oncology radiation therapy who collaborate with such prestigious institutions as the M.A. Anderson Cancer Center Hospital in Houston in the person of Dr. Luis Delcl?s (USA) and the Regional Center for the Fight against Cancer in Montpellier with Dr. J.B. Dubois (France) who guarantee our scientific and care quality.


The IMOR foundation is a Medical Institute specialized in brachytherapy and radiotherapy. The IMOR Foundation is pioneer in the treatment of prostate cancer with brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy). This technique is also applied in breast brachytherapy, gynaecologic brachytherapy, and ophthalmic brachytherapy, etc. The external radiotherapy is performed with a linear accelerator.

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