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Gachon University Gil Medical Center

Incheon, Korea-South   |   Accreditation: none listed 

1198 Guwoi-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon



+82-32-460-3213, +82-10-8222-3194



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Gachon University of Medicine and Science Gil Medical Center has its roots almost a half-century ago in 1958 when Dr. Lee, Gil Ya began a small Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, and ever since then has been practicing the ideals of philanthropy, public service, and patriotism.

Since its main hospital building opened in 1987, it has become the nation’s major hospital, leading the medical field with its Heart Center, Women’s Hospital, Eye and ENT Center, Emergency Center, and Dental Center. Gachon University of Medicine and Science Gil Medical Center has established “Vision 2008″.

Gachon University Gil Medical Center has 1132 inpatient beds, 76 ICU beds, and 24 operating rooms.

The Kyungwon Inchon Korean Traditional Medicine Hospital within the Gil Medical Center. Kyungwon Inchon Korean Traditional Medicine Hospital includes departments of internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, acupuncture, moxibustion, ophthalmology, ENT, and neurology. It has demonstrated a high efficacy in vein-related diseases and bone and joint-related disease treatment.

By providing oriental and western treatments developed at Gachon University of Medicine and Science Dong-Inchon Gil Hospital, it provides the community with excellent medical service.

The Gil Medical Foundation has additional facilities throughout South Korea:

Chulwon Gil Medical Center
It operates the nation’s best Agricultural Chemical Toxic Symptoms Treatment Clinic, Laser Surgery Clinic, Allergy Rhinitis Clinic, Vertigo Clinic, and Digestive System Endoscopes Clinic. It has 14 clinical departments.

Yangpyung Gil Medical Center
The hospital operates 15 clinical departments, Traffic Accident Center, and Prevalence Bleeding and Fever Center and acts as the major hospital in the north-eastern part of Kyunggi province.

Namdong Gil Medical Center
A special hospital for laborers. Industrial medicine, orthopedics, plastic surgery, family care, a physiotherapy clinic, a dental clinic, clinical pathology, diagnostic radiology, ultrasound center, endoscopic examination center, general examination center, and health examination center are all included. Additionally, the emergency center and operation rooms are 24-hour and serve industrial accident victims, traffic accident victims, and etc.

Industry Medical Research Center: 
This is the nation’s first to be recognized as an industry medical research center. Involved in industrial health activities such as health care management in the business sector, analysis of workplace environments, and physical examination of workers, public officers, teachers and students.


Gil Medical Center consists of a number of medical facilities and centers.

Heart Center:

Opened in 1995, it is one of the nation’s best heart and vein-related disease facilities. It maintains the lives and health of many through the latest medical treatments. It performed the nation? first heart-lung simultaneous transplant operation and myocardium-plastic surgery. It offers a Healthy Heart Class and Free Heart Disease Examination.

Eye and ENT Center:

Offering distinguished medical treatment services since 1998 for conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, empyema, and dizziness. It is equipped with advanced medical equipments and facilities for advanced treatments and preventive medicine.

Womens Hospital:

It is the nation’s first medical institution specializing in women’s disease and has been contributing to the betterment of womens health since its opening in 1994. It includes a Center for Pre-Natal Care, Infertility Clinic, Gynecology Endoscope, Urinary Clinic, Menopause Clinic, Tumor Clinic, Wellbeing Clinic, and Breast Clinic. Its goal is to provide “Total Medical Service for Women” with the best medical professionals and facilities.

Dental Center:

Re-opening in 2004, the Dental Center features the nation’s first Omni practice and poly clinic system. It operates specialized clinics such as implant dentistry, a maxillofacial joint clinic, Aesthetic dentistry, Aesthetic orthodontia, and a laser clinic. It is considered to be the finest in the city and surrounding area with professionalized research centers such as the Titanium Research Center, Esthetic Dentistry Research Center, and Implants Research Center.

Medical Dept:

Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery Surgery, Plastic Surgery
Obstetrics Gynecology
Diagnostic Radiology
Radiation Oncology
Laboratory Medicine
Rehabilitation Medicine
Family Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Emergency Medicine

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