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Greece   |   Accreditation: none listed 

17th Noemvri Str

Pylaia Thessalonik




The aim of Genesis is to provide integrated Health Services to Women, independent of her age and during all the different phases of their lives: teenager, adult, wife, mother, grandmother. We try continuously to cover the corresponding medical care needs and update our services with special interest.

Situated in Elaiones, Pylaia, on a hill with a view to the Thermaikos gulf, GENESIS Clinic is both close and far from the city, with instant access to the regional road. Rooms mainly face the beach of Thessaloniki. GENESIS is renowned for the high level of medical services and nursing care it provides. Furthermore, it manages to combine the role of a nursing foundation with the hospitality offered by a special hotel.

We pay much attention to our patients’ hospitalization and accommodation areas. Our rooms, regardless of the number of beds they have, are all equipped with bath, modern medical technological equipment and beds corresponding to the patients’ hospitalization needs. The rooms’ colors and decorations are friendly, the areas are spacious and they all have air conditioning, personal multimedia network with television, radio, telephone as well as internet Wi-Fi network.

According to the class of your room, your stay can include unique privileges, such as selection of meals, exclusive parking lot, personal television, room service, hosting of companion. In case you are hospitalized for child birth, you are also offered unique gifts for you and your newborn baby.


- Obstetric
- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
- Fetal – Maternal Medicine and Prenatal Screening (FM)
- In Vitro Ferilization Center (IVF)
- Gynecologic
- Endoscopic Gynecology (Laparoscopy – Hysteroscopy)
- Gynecologic Urology
- Plastic – Cosmetic Surgery 
- Breast Cancer Center
- Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
- Endocrinology – Diabetology and Osteoporosis
- Hematological Department
- Radiology and Ultrasound 
• Microbiologic – Immunologic – Biochemical Laboratory

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