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Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital

Cincinnati, US   |   Accreditation: JCI

375 Dixmyth Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45220-2489

(513) 862-1400



Bethesda North and Good Samaritan hospitals are leading providers of surgical services in Greater Cincinnati, with offerings ranging from highly specialized inpatient procedures to convenient outpatient procedures.
Since it was opened by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati more than 150 years ago, Good Samaritan has grown from a small facility with 21 beds to one of the largest hospitals in the city with 470 beds. Good Samaritan recently completed an extensive modernization and expansion project that added a new 10-story patient care tower and renovated numerous existing hospital spaces.

About TriHealth
Bethesda and Good Samaritan Hospital joined together to form TriHealth in 1995, bringing together two of Cincinnati?s finest health care organizations. Through these two acute care hospitals and more than 50 other locations, TriHealth provides a wide range of clinical, educational, preventive and social programs. TriHealth’s non-hospital services include physician practice management, fitness centers and fitness center management, occupational health centers, home health and hospice care.

TriHealth offers health care services at numerous locations throughout Greater Cincinnati. Primary facilities such as hospitals, ambulatory centers, physician offices, and fitness and wellness centers offer multidisciplinary services, while specialty facilities typically focus on one discipline.


Key Services:
- Heart and Vascular Care
- Robotic-Assisted Surgery
- Bariatric Surgery
- Maternity
- Breast Health
- Specialized Gynecology Care
- Orthopedics

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