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HGH Medical Clinic

HGH Medical Clinic

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 Marina Del Rey, Suite 32-A

Marina Vallarta





We are a private medical practice loacted in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico offering and administering Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy and Plastic Surgery Services. We utilize and supply Human Growth Hormone (hGH somatropin) and our surgical procedures range from Breast Augmentation, Liposcution & Facial Aesthetics to men’s pectoral implants & gluteous augmentation.

Our treatment programs are physician supervised and medically monitored to offer you absolute confidence and security. We only prescribe physiological dosages and use brand name hormones that are approved in our replacement therapy programs including somatropoin and testosterone hormone replacement. Our clinic while a small private facility is manned by several physicians; Dr. J. John, Dr. Jesus Gomez-Torres and the director Dr. G. Patino MD. We accept patients at clinic, hotel or at home; and if necessary at AmeriMed Hospital.

We conduct aesthetic plastic surgery procedures at AmeriMed Hospital and as surgery experts we can offer our services at prices lower than those offered stateside while also offering a state of the art hospital to ensure safety and security in all procedures. Medical Tourism here in Mexico has expanded to include numerous health procedures here in Puerto Vallarta and we consider ourselves at the forefront of this hormonal industry in Latin America.

Our Medical staff is all foreign trained in locations such as U.S.A., United Kingdom, Cuba, France and of course Mexico. Our staff speaks proper English and we always have a physician on-Call 24hrs. Therefore if any reactions to meds, treatment or questions about the therapy; call our office or send the doctor an SMS/Text message, and they’ll reply as quickly as possible. D


Physician Prescribed Growth Hormone Therapy – Testosterone Therapy – Hormone Replacement Therapy

Growth Hormone Therapy, Testosterone Therapy and Surgical procedures

Travel Information:

Our location is easily found in the Marina of Puerto Vallarta. Our suite faces west towards the Marina in the Marina Del Rey Building, Suite 32. We also accept patients at the AmeriMed Hospital located just 3 blocks from our consultation clinic.

To make travel plans, contact any Travel Agent and make arrangements to fly into Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; as there are numerous direct flights from the USA and many connecting flights from Mexico City.