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Hospital da Plastica

Hospital da Plastica

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Rua Sorocaba, 552- Botafogo

Cep 22271-110


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Hospital da Plastica was founded by Dr. Farid Hakme in Rio de Janeiro in 1971. Dr. Hakme is considered a plastic surgery icon in Brazil. He is an alumni of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, arguably the world?s most renowned plastic surgeon.

Over 350 surgeries are performed each month at the clinic, with surgeons from all over the world assisting with the procedures.

The clinic is often inspected by the Conselho Regional de Medicina (Regional Medical Counsel) ? CRM, and it has always met the demands of the aforementioned medical entity.

The Surgical Center contains twelve operating rooms each equipped with the latest generation apparatus and equipment. Fifty-three surgical teams operate at the Hospital da Plastica. All surgeons are members of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery.

A team of intensivist doctors (specialized in ICU assistance) is on duty 24 hours a day ready for any emergency that might apppear. Doctors on duty at ICU regularly check and perform examinations on every patient by the time of both their admission and their discharge. Doctors pay regular visits to patients in the post-operatory period, which ensures a high-level of safety.

The Hospital da Pl?stica Intensive Care Unit ? ICU, together with their intensivists are under the supervision of Dr. Marcelo Vieira Gomes, MD, who performed this activity for 16 years at Cl?nica S?o Vicente, a reference hospital in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Hospital da Pl?stica has 22 suites, each one with supporting services such as oxygen exits and central air compressor, electronic beds with remote control, cable TV, air conditioner, and a small fridge. No additional cost is charged to those who are accompanying patients, and to whom meals and comfortable facilities are offered.

Patients are constantly monitored by nurses as they return to their room after surgery


Hospital da Pl?stica is exclusively dedicated to plastic surgery procedures.

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