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Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Sao Paulo, Brazil   |   Accreditation: JCI, ISO numerous certification 

Av. Albert Einstein

627/701 – Morumbi CEP 05651-901


International Patient (55) 11 3747 1301 / (55) 11 3747 0405



Website in: Portuguese, English

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein?s (HIAE) Integrated Cardiology Program features cutting edge technological resources allied to the expertise of renowned professionals.

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (HIAE) offers an Integrated Neurology Program. A medical team, specialized in today?s main neurological problems and a dedicated support staff, work to guarantee agility and quality to all aspects of care. Success rates of our therapies are compatible with those of American and European Stroke Centers

The Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital is currently Latin America’s largest liver transplant center, performing some 120 liver transplants a year, almost 30% of the national average. It is an institution entirely dedicated to health assistance, to promoting knowledge, and social responsibility.

The Surgical Center and the Minimally Invasive Surgical Center are fully structured to perform all orthopedic procedures and HIAE uses only state-of-the-art surgical navigators and equipments.

HIAE offers fully structured plastic surgery performance units: the Surgical Center and the specialized plastic surgery admission unit, all staffed by specially trained health care professionals. All plastic surgeons belong to the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society, the specialty?s regulatory agency in Brazil.

International Patient:

If you have an international health insurance plan, Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital provides you with an exclusive service: International Patient Support Services. This is a department dedicated solely to international customers, formed by professionals who are available to offer you benefits such as:

Assistance Service:

– Patient and companion assistance in communication and translation into English, Spanish, and Portuguese

- Appointment and exam scheduling

- Referral to physicians in several specialties

- Facilitation in the international medical evacuation process, with medical guidance

- Hotel networks for lodging with various rates.

Commercial services:

- Patient-insurance company-hospital interface to check hospital expense coverage (hospitalization, ambulatory, and emergency)

- Provision for information on service prices to companies and private customers

- Verification of coverage with international agreements without commercial relationship (subject to previous evaluation)

- Follow-up in the admission, hospitalization, and discharge processes

- International department to provide information about our services

- Relationship with embassies and consulates.

International Health Insurance Plans:

Through the International Patient Support Services (IPSS), the Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital has a commercial relationship with the main international companies to serve you, who may need our services and have an international health insurance plan.


Contact us ? International Patient Support Service:

phone-:(55) – 11 – 3747 1301

via fax:(55) – 11 – 3747 1041


JCI Accreditation:
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 17 December 1999
Re-accredited: 13 December 2002
Re-accredited: 18 February 2006

Program: Disease or Condition-Specific Care (DCSC)
Certification for the Stroke Program
Date Certified: 31 March 2007


Albert Einstein Jewish Hospital is known for its complete oncology, neurology and cardiology programs, as well as giving advice and providing steps from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. If you need more information, please call the Clinical Body Relationship Center at (5511) 3747-1234.

* Alcohol and Drug Program
* Blood Bank
* Cardiology
* Coloproctology
* Dermatology
* Diagnostic Medicine
* Dialysis Center
* Endocrinology and Metabiology
* Gastroenterology
* Geriatrics and Gerontology
* Gynecology and Obstetrics
* Haematology
* Haemotherapy
* Hepatology
* Infectology
* Intensive Care Center – Adults
* Mastology
* Maternity
* Nefrology
* Neurology
* Nutrition
* Ophthalmology
* Oncology
* Orthopedics and Traumatology
* Othorhinolaryngology
* Pediatrics and Intensive Care Center
* Plastic Surgery
* Pneumology
* Psychology
* Rehabilitation
* Rheumatology
* Semen Bank
* Tabagism
* Umbilical Cord Blood Bank
* Urology