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Hospital Mexico Americano

Hospital Mexico Americano

Hospital Mexico AmericanoHospital Mexico Americano is a high-prestige medical institution which absorbs many international patients for various medical procedures. The private hospital has the latest technology and modern operating rooms. Safe and quality care is the prime target of the dedicated staff.

Medical specialists who have extensive knowledge provide state of the art medical treatments. Cardiology, Heart Surgery, Urology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Nephrology, Pediatrics and Laparoscopic Surgery are among the leading branches of medicine practiced at Hospital Mexico Americano.

Diagnostic studies including an imaging institute are also existent at Hospital Mexico Americano as well as first class laboratories with knowledgeable staff who provide the patients with an accurate diagnosis.

Medical tourists receive a comprehensive service from the minute they step into Hospital Mexico Americano. Statistics show that thousands of Americans have admitted themselves to Hospital Mexico Americano in the last five years due to reasonable prices of medical procedures in Mexico and superior medical care.

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