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Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe

Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe

Medellin, Colombia   |   Accreditation: ISO, Excellence accreditation by Icontec


Luis Saldarriaga





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The Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe is a private non-profit and non profit “bankruptcy”, General University Hospital, High level of complexity, 40 years of operation, founded in 1970.

The Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe serves under the banner of being THE HOSPITAL WITH SOUL. Our work has been recognized by the Hospital Management Center, Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Social Protection and Icontec, and as a result, the first somo Accredited Hospital Antioquia and the only Accredited with Excellence in the country.

At present we qualify as one of the best hospitals in Colombia and Latin America in the Ranking of Economics and the third consecutive year we are recognized as one of the 100 companies with best reputation in Colombia according to the Mercer survey

Our International Office is an area dedicated solely to accompany the patient, family and the insurer.

The Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe provides personalized support from first contact until the return to their country of residence.

The Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe advise you and your companion with hotel links, tourism and transportation during your stay in the city.

The Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe has a differential space with lounge, internet, TV and kitchen so that you and your companions have a pleasant and comfortable place to feel at home during the process.

The Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe handles directly to arrange appointments and administrative guidance to patients, through a direct and immediate contact with treating physicians and with the insurer responsible for the patient, making the process to flow swiftly and priority for 24 hours day, 365 days a year.


Orthopedics. Oncology. Urology, Neurology.

Travel Information:

Our Hospital is easily accessible since we have several transportation options. For the main entrance routes pass two very useful: the Trans-Medellin route can be tackled in front of the Plaza Botero, in the building of Public Enterprises. The route of the person doing the tour of all health facilities including our Hospital. Through the Metro, the nearest station is Caribbean is in the North Terminal, where you take the Castile built passing through the main entrance of the hospital (so that you can buy tickets Integrated subway which cost castilla of 1,900 pesos, includes ticket metro + bus ticket), you can take back the move made it back to the station Caribbean.

The recommended option is the taxi service, because apart from being more comfortable and safe, it moves from one place to another without having to make any transfer, for your safety we recommend that this service is requested through the centers collection of our Hospital Coservir or city (see Transport section).