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Hospital Sirio Libanes

Sao Paulo, Brazil   |   Accreditation: JCI 

Dona Adma Jafet, 91 – CEP

01308-000 – Bela Vista – SP


International Patient Service


(55) 11 3155 0985, +55 (11) 3155-0200



Website in English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic


As well as the comfort offered to patients – all accommodation is equipped with cable TV, a minibar, telephone and background music – the Hospital S?rio-Liban?s also aims to adapt its services to match the profile and the needs of each customer. This is why it offers rooms with a balcony and an anteroom, which guarantees more private visits.

International Patients:

One of the most highly regarded medical centers in Latin America, the HospitalSirio Libanes is an international benchmark in the health area. Not only Brazilian patients, but also foreigners can count on the latest generation technological resources and the excellence of the clinical staff, as well as the humane care, which is one of the outstanding characteristics of the Hospital.

Today the Hospital provides specialized care for a number of patients who have come, mainly, from Europe and the United States. To be able to provide complete, high-quality treatment, the Hospital Sirio Libanes has an International Relations area, staffed by professionals that are fluent in other languages. Amongst the main responsibilities of this team are checking the benefits related to the medical and hospital expenses of the insured patients, as well as providing customers with personal service and answering any queries they may have about cover for their expenses.

International Relations

Through its International Relations area, the Hospital Sirio Libanesprovides an exclusive care service for patients who have international health plans. The area is staffed by bilingual professionals with wide experience in the international health plan and insurance market.

The following services are provided for your convenience:

* Verification service to check the medical and hospitalization services covered by your international health plan
* Direct billing of medical fees arising from admissions covered by international health plans
* Prompt negotiations of coverage with non contracted international health plans
* Assistance to provide necessary documentation for reimbursement processes of private accounts
* Forecast of medical and hospital expenses for high-cost treatments and surgical procedures
* Commercial visits at the hospital
* Follow up in the admission, hospitalization and discharge processes
* Assistance for foreign patients during the appointment and examination timetabling process
* Interface between the patient and hospital to help overcome communication difficulties
* Coordination of international medical evacuation processes
* Relationship with embassies and consulates
* Suggestions of hotels and flats in the city of Sao Paulo for patients and family members
* Help in the VISA extension process for foreign patients being treated at HSL

JCI Accreditation:
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 14 December 2007


The Hospital S1rio Libanis is a reference in a number of specialties. This is why it has adopted the concept of Centers of Excellence.

The Hospital Sirio Libanes Centers of Excellence make high-level medicine available to the patient, by offering the most advanced treatment in each specialty, a highly qualified team providing a specialist service, and an integral program considering the most modern techniques.

All of this is provided without forgetting the patient’s well being. The Hospital Sirio Libanes offers a humane environment, which is essential for the patient to feel welcome.

The areas below are amongst those that operate according to this concept:

* Oncology Center
* Cardiology Center
* Rehabilitation Center
* Urology
* Gynecology
* Orthopedics
* Gastroenterology

Oncology Center:

Used in complex cases, the Hospital S?rio-Liban?s International Second Opinion in Oncology Service, allows patients to consult the opinion of another specialist without having to move.

By means of a joint-consultation involving the medical teams at the Hospital Sirio Libanes Oncology Center and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, the patient receives information on the most suitable treatment for determined types of cancer.

Executive Check Up

With the aim of stimulating prevention and promoting health by improving the quality of life, the Hospital Sirio Libanes provides an exclusive personalized service – the Executive Check-Up – to executives working for domestic and international companies.


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York,NY USA

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