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Hospital Universitario Pablo Tobon Uribe

Hospital Universitario Pablo Tobon Uribe

Medell, Colombia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 Calle 78 B No. 69-240


(57-4) 445 9000



Website in: Spanish, English

For The International Patient:

For patients outside of Medell?n, Hospital Pablo Tob?n Uribe offers complete accompaniment and personalized support even from before the trip itself and throughout the totality of the patients? and their family?s stay in Medell?n. We have full support of PROEXPORT, of the Department of the Interior of Antioquia and the City Hall of Medellin.

Our patients are taken care of in a Hospital with a high level of complexity, that complies with the international standards of quality, evidenced by the prizes and recognition received during these 34 years.

If you are interested in receiving additional information, or if you wish to be treated in our Hospital, you may contact:

Office of Attention to the International Patient and Transplants

– Phone:57 4 445 92 93 
E-mail: glema@hptu.org.co

For over thirty years there has been a transplant program at the Hospital Universitario Pablo Tobon Uribe. It is one of the most advanced transplant units in Colombia and Latin America. Our commitment to patients and their families is to provide a high quality service in the pre-transplant phase, during transplantation and subsequently at follow-up, which should ensure a good quality of life.



Bone Marrow Transplant
Autologos Transplant
Alogeneic Transplant
Umbilical Chord Cell Transplant 
-Liver Transplant
-Kidney Transplant
-Bone Transplant
-Skin Transplant
-Small Bowel Transplant

Scientific Coordinator
Dr. Antonio Jos? Lopera U.
Tel 57- 4 – 445 92 88
E-mail: alopera @htpu.org.co



Neuro sciences