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Hotel Les Sources des Alpes

Hotel Les Sources des Alpes

Switzerland   |   Accreditation: none listed 

3954 Leukerbad


+41 (0)27 472 20 00



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The Hotel Les Sources des Alpes offers wonderfully warm, health-giving springs on the southern slopes of the Swiss Alps. As the name suggests they spring, literally, from a majestic mountain landscape.

Les Sources des Alpes is also a unique Hotel. Each of the superb suites, junior suites and rooms is a fusion of fragrante, harmony and fabrics, light and shade. At 1’411 metres/4’630 feet above sea level the warm, thermal waters flow from ridges and rocks at a temperature of 51?C/120?F. accompanied since the beginning of time by a mild, high-Alpine climate.

The Aquawell Thermal Center, an integral part of the Hotel, offers a choice of two swimming-pools, a fitness room, sauna, steam-bath, massages including hydro-massage, mud and beauty treatments.


Thermal Center
At the Aquawell Center, an integral part of Les Sources des Alpes, our specialists will advise you about a course of personalized treatments: specific massages or hydro-massage, mud treatments and stimulating baths…with individual therapyes including physiotherapy. These cures will regenerate both mind and body, renewing that sense of “joie de vivre”. You can relax in the steam-bath or sauna in the garden Chalet; here stress slips away as you gently allow yourself to be lulled into quiet contemplation before plunging into the warm thermal waters of our two swimming-pools, heated to a temperature of 32 degrees. Waters with excellent healing powers.

Ayurveda Indian wisdom which considers
the skin to be the mirror of the soul

Lomi-Lomi Nui Hawaiian therapeutic massages

Hot-Stone Hot volcanic stone therapy

Fango for problems with rheumatism and neurology

The Aquawell Beauty Center provides a tranquil retreat where your face and body will be cared for by expert hands, specific treatments and first class products created by the famous Parisian ballerina, Maria Galland. For over 40 years this name has figured amongst the avant-garde in the world of serious and innovative cosmetics. Our Maria Galland team of professionals will advise you in the privacy of Les Sources des Alpes about numerous personalized treatments and effective care programmes.

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