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Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center

Karnataka, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 Lalithadripura, Mysore Post Box No-3,

Ittigegud, Mysore-570 010


91-821-2473437 / 2473263 / 2473266



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Ayurvedic research at IVAC is an ongoing effort with the purpose of making useful contributions to mainstream medicine. IVAC hopes to successfully superimpose current know-how on ancient Ayurvedic traditions without sacrificing the integrity of those traditions.


IVAC has committed substantial resources into Ayurveda research. For the first time IVAC is a part of a collaborative research program with Vikram hospital and Heart Care, Mysore and the University of Maryland, USA on the study and prevention of childhood obesity. A number of similar research programs have been planned for the future. This would indeed increase awareness and acceptance by the international community of Ayurveda as a valid ?science of life?. In addition to this IVAC will give Ayurveda a truly global perspective and relevance.

All research papers and findings produced at IVAC will be published in accordance with the Protocols recommended by the World Health Organization on presentations of scientific papers.


Ayurvedic Treatments



Dr. Talavane Krishna, MBBS, F.F.A.R.C.S., the Founder President of IVAC, is a pediatric anesthesiologist by profession. He has practiced in U.S.A, Canada for 30 years but exposure to Ayurveda as a family tradition and passion about Ayurveda brought him back to India to set up Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre and endeavor to create a global model for Ayurvedic institutions.


Dr. U.K Krishna M.D (Ayurveda) Ph.D. is IVAC’s Senior Ayurvedic Physician. He is also assistant director for “Institute for Traditional Oriental Medicine” Tokyo, Japan.He has been living in Japan for over 13 years and has authored six Ayurvedic books. He spends 6 months at IVAC, teaching and training therapists and doctors.


Dr. R. Prasanna Venkatesan, B.A.M.S., D.N.Y.S., P.G.D.C.A., M.B.A., Senior Consultant Physician – HOD Therapy and Marketing Manager, conducted a research on Integrated Management in Childhood Obesity in collaboration with Maryland University, USA and served as spa manager and consultant for LeNiol Health Resort – Mahe Island ? Seychelles, Africa. In addition to having served as consultant Ayurvedic physician at various Health Care Centers, he also set up an Ayurvedic Centre of his own with focused consultation for both out-patients and in-patients. With specializations in PanchaKarma, Nadi Vignan, Vaastu, Pranic and Reiki Healing, Transcendental Meditation, Marma Therapy, Ashtanga Yoga and Naturopathy, he has been successful in treating many physical and mental ailments.


Dr. Srikanth H.S, B.N.Y.S., Resident Medical Officer, is a graduate in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from SDM College Naturopathy and Yoga, Ujire, Karnataka. Well experienced in Advanced Pathanjali, Yoga, Acupressure, Reflexology, Reiki & Pranic Healing, he has participated in many ayurvedic camps and in the future aspires to take this holistic science forward to a higher level through his contribution in the field

Dr.V.S.Deepthi Niranjan,B.A.M.S., Senior Consultant Physician, she qualified as a Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery from one of the India’s elite institutions, the Rajiv Gandhi University in Mysore.

She was the Resident Ayurvedic Physician at the prestigious Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre where she gained valuable experience in treating a largely international clientele visiting the centre for both therapeutic and rejuvenation purposes.

In 2006 she went to England to work as Ayurvedic Consultant at the Ayurveda Retreat in Reading, Berkshire. She conducted many seminars ,training shows. She had her interview in BBC Radio Berkshire and many of her articles where published in Reading Chronicle.

She has significant experience in successfully treating people with various chronic ailments through both purifying( Panchakrma) and pacifying methods She has gained excellent experience in training staff in Ayurvedic techniques as well as had a number of speaking assignments for a variety of audiences. She has a very clear and captivating speaking style.