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Inje University Paik Hospitals

Seoul, Korea-South   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Sanggye-dong 761-1, Nowon-gu





Inje University’s Paik Hospital was opened in Jeo-Dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul in 1932 by Dr. Inje Paik, a pioneer of Korea’s surgical and academic world.

With the backing of Inje University, Paik Medical Center administrates over Seoul-Paik, Busan-Paik, Sanggye-Paik, Ilsan-Paik, Dongnae-Paik Hospitals with a total capacity of 2,800 beds and includes 450 medical specialists, more than 1,000 medical assistants providing high quality medical services. The total number of patients treated at the Paik Hospitals approaches 2,500,000 every year.

For the past 70 years, Paik Hospitals have promoted public health and led medical development with advanced medical facilities and specialized medical technology. Inje University’s Paik Hospitals are currently establishing state-of-the art medical care systems. In addition, the Paik Hospitals participate in both domestic and international scientific research, study and training as well as sharing and acquiring medical technology.


The following hospitals are part of the Paik Hospitals System:


- Seoul-Paik Hospital
English spoken
# (82-2)2270-0114, 02-2270-0119 
85 Jur-Dong 2 ga
Republic of Korea

Seoul-Paik Hospital is a 12-story building equipped with 450 beds, the hospital operates 22 clinical departments and 28 clinical centers such as the Korean Gastric Cancer Center, the 21st Century Ophthalmology Center, the Heart and Circulatory Center, the Health Promotion Center, the Hip & Implant Service, and the Diabetes Clinic.
Seoul-Paik Hospital operates a clinic staffed with doctors and nurses with foreign language skills.

- Inje University Pusan Paik Hospital
Gaegeum 2-dong Busanjin-gu Busan
phone: 051-890-6739 
website in Korean: 

Inje University Busan Paik Hospital, a Tertiary Hospital, opened in 1979, has grown steadily to become the central hospital among the 5 university hospitals under the auspices of the Inje Educational Foundation.

Busan-Paik Hospital has the most advanced medical technology in the fields of brain and cardiac diseases among Korean university hospitals. One of the best Busan Health & Hospitals is the Inje University Busan-Paik Hospital. Its facilities are spacious with 900 inpatient beds, 46 ICU beds, and 16 operating rooms. They accommodate international patients.

More than4,000 open-heart surgeries have been performed in our hospital since 1986, and in September 1997, we performed the first successful heart transplant operation ever in the Busan-Gyeongnam area, proving the role of our hospital as a leading operation center for various organ transplants.

We have also performed more than 2,000 cerebral aneurysm surgeries, further confirming our status as a world-class medical center.

Furthermore, the Gamma-knife brain surgery, which was introduced in 1994, has been performed on more than 2,000 patients, and great achievements have been made in the treatment of brain tumors and cerebrovascular patients.

Medical Dept.:
Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery Surgery, Anesthesiology, Obstetrics Gynecology , Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Urology, Diagnostic Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Tuberculosis, Family Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Occupational Environmental Medicine Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Surgery, Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Conservative Dentistry


- Sanggye Paik Hospital
Inje University Sanggye Paik Hospital
Sanggye-dong 761-1, Nowon-gu
English spoken
# (02)950-1114 , (82-2-950-1119) same phone # as Seoul-Paik Hospital

Headed by Dr. Se-il Suk, the Spine Institute at Sanggye Paik Hospital treats more than 1,000 outpatients monthly. High quality MRI, MRSpectroscopy, SPECT tests are used to detect various epileptic lesions that had not been identified.
Sanggye Paik Hospital is staffed with experienced medical professionals with a patient-oriented care system OCS (Order-Communication System), Patient-transfer system with first & second phase medical institutions, and runs a day surgery unit in which examination, operation and discharge is done on the same day.


- Ilsan-Paik Hospital

An ultra-modern 10 story building, Ilsan-Paik Hospital operates 22 departments including the Cardiovascular Center, the Cerebral Nerve Center, the Liver Center, the Allergy Center, the Geriatric Care Center, the Sports Medical Center, and the Health Promotion Center. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical instruments and electronic system.


- Dongnae Paik Hospital

Dongnae-Paik Hospital is a teaching hospital with its medical staff comprised from professors at Busan-Paik Hospital. Dongnae-Paik Hospital functions in close mutual cooperation with doctors and small clinics in the neighborhood of Geumjeong.


Family Diagnosis Clinic
Diabetes Clinic
Rheumatism Clinic
Chronic Disease Clinic
Nephropathy Clinic
Endoscopy Treatment Clinic
Lung Cancer Early Detection Clinic

Internal Medicine
Neuro Medicine
General Surgery
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Neuro Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Radiation Oncology
Family medicine
Emergency Medicine
Dental Surgery

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