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Instituto Argentino de Diagnostico y Tratamiento

Instituto Argentino de Diagnostico y Tratamiento

Buenos Aires, Argentina   |   Accreditation: none listed                    

Marcelo T. de Alvear



(54 11) 4963-9500



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IADT is ranked among leading institutions and keeps its position in the vanguard, by means of a continuous investment in infrastructure and technology.

ADT?s Intensive, Intermediate and Coronary Care Unit offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, highly trained medical staff and privacy, guaranteed by private, comfortable and sunny rooms for patients and accompanying person. All rooms are equipped with Hill-Rom beds, that allow patients adequate rest and mobility.

This Unit provides a wide variety of critical care services and is conveniently equipped to receive patients in need of intensive or intermediate medical care, such as cases of acute cardiovascular disease, neurosurgery, neurological disease, renal insufficiency, respiratory insufficiency, shocks, etc.

This is the most suitable area for treatment of critical cases and recovery from high complexity surgeries, since it is staffed with doctors, nurses, kinesiologists, nutritionists and physical therapists, specialized in critical care and supported by the latest technology.

The Unit is equipped with individual and central cardiac monitoring system, oxygen concentration in blood measurement, external and invasive arterial blood pressure monitoring system, computed respirators and internal pacemakers.

The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit is included within the exclusive attention center for Hematology and Oncology, which provides medical care in IADT.

The center Hemacell , offers a wide variety of services for adults and children; among them the possibility of a Bone Marrow Transplant and Autotransplants or Autologous Transplants. The Medical Direction is in charge of Dr. Benjam?n Koziner, who together with a renowned team of professionals offer security and confidence, so important when the moment comes to determine the proper diagnosis and treatment.

IADT has the appropriate infrastructure and human resources to guarantee and optimize the different procedures to be carried out, either bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells cryopreservation and/or transplant indication.

Rooms of this area, observe strict hygiene and safety parameters; nurses and medical staff have been specially trained to provide necessary care and correctly assist patients of the Unit.

Consulting patients are those coming with specialized treatments, referred by their medical insurance, and also those referred by their oncologists and hematologists, who need clinic and laboratory attention, as to cellular hemotherapy, including collection and cryopreservation of autologous cells and autologous and allogenic transplant.

The Liver, Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery and Hepatic Transplant Unit of IADT is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of greatly experienced and renowned physicians and surgeons.

Clinical and surgical aspects related to the different diseases concerning the liver, biliary tract and pancreas are developed within the Unit, considering all of their diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives from an integral point of view.

The Rehabilitation Service welcomes patients at its new and enlarged superb facilities, which allow our expert team of physiotherapists, to provide most convenient treatment to different pathologies simultaneously.


Procedures offered:

Arrhythmias and Pacemakers
Fetal Monitoring
Pain Percutaneous Management
High Complexity Urology
Pap test and Colposcopy
Bone Marrow Transplant and Oncohematology
Interventional Cardiology
Pathological Anatomy
Laboratory Medicine
Cardiac Pediatric Surgery
Liver, Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic Surgery And
Hepatic Transplant Unit
Cardiology Argentine Cardiovascular Institute
Magnetic Resonance
Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation
Renal Transplant Unit
Cardiovascular Surgery
Computed Tomography
Nephrology And Dialysis
Transfusion Medicine
Neurology and Neurophysiology
Thoracic Pain
Nuclear Medicine
Emergency Care
Orthopedics And Traumatology