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Isida Hospital

Isida Hospital

Kyiv, Ukraine   |   Accreditation: none listed 

65 Ivana Lepse Boulevard

Kyiv, 03126, Ukraine


+380 (44) 251-2101, +380 (44) 251-2103



Website in: English. Ukrainian

Isida Hospital is the first private obstetric-gynecological clinic in Ukraine.

* Our advanced technology allows us to make accurate diagnose quickly and to provide adequate effective treatment.

* Our antigerm multistage security system allows avoiding infectious complications.

* All wards are single rooms that have separate climate control system with purified air. The wards are equipped with push buttons for calling nurses, phones and TV sets. Our rooms are cozy and comfortable.

* Our specialized cuisine allows for individual menus based on patients? wishes and dietologist?s recommendations.

* The self-contained life-support in the clinic guarantees fail-safe functioning of all systems.

*Our quality control system corresponds Western standards.



-Infertility Treatments