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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine

Seoul, Korea-South   |   Accreditation: none listed 

635, Shinsa- Dong, Gangnam-Gu,





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Jaseng Hospital of Oriental Medicine, one of the largest and leading private educational hospitals in the region, is located in Apgujung, Central Seoul. Jaseng, was established in 1999, by Dr. Joon Shik Shin, the originator of Chuna Therapy.

The hospital is comprised of 4 modern branches, equipped with 100 patient beds and state of the art diagnostic equipment. Today Jaseng is composed of 60 Specialized Practitioners, 55 registered nurses, 12 exercise & physical therapy specialists, and approximately 100 other supporting staff.

At Jaseng Hospital we have the enviable reputation of providing high quality and efficient non-surgical treatment. Thanks to the foresight of the Hospital’s president, Jaseng today is prepared to provide treatment in a multitude of ways.

Jaseng TMJ center is composed of highly trained specialists and staff who are committed to providing excellence in diagnosis and treatment for TMJ disorders. The TMJ center provides individualized conservative, non-surgical treatments that have been known to be highly efficient in treating TMJ disorders and are like none other. The TMJ staff is committed to helping you return to a pain-free life.

Jaseng Special Medicine

Boyak is the Korean name for Herbal Decoction. Literally, it means Tonic Supplement. There are two advantages of Korean herbal medicine, ?Boyak’. The first is that it solves the root cause of the problem and even unseen symptoms. Korean herbal medicine aims at changing the body system into an ideal state in itself with the principle of solving the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms. The second advantage is that it has almost no side effects. The principle of Korean herbal medicine is that although it takes a longer time the condition will be slowly improved non-surgically into an idealistic state by solving the root of the problem. 
The herbal decoctions effect have been tested and proven in Jaseng’s Research Center of Biotechnology.

Jaseng Spine centers primary philosophy is to provide non-surgical cures for various spinal conditions. The Spine Center offers a wealth of treatment options, and patients undergo thorough clinical examination, radiological testing, and evaluation by an appropriate specialist.


Medical Services Offered:

Spine Treatments
Joint and Bone Treatments
TMJ treatment
Holistic Treatments
Wellness Clinic

-Womens Clinic
-Chronic Fatigue Clinic/ Liver Detox Clinic
-Pediatric Clinic

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