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Jilla Hospital

Jilla Hospital

Maharashtra State, India   |   Accreditation: none listed 

84, Motiwala Nagar, Central Naka Road

Aurangabad – 431 001


+91+240-233 72 45 / +91-240-233 73 46



“We have a passion for treating infertile couples and will strive to help them wherever on earth they are.”

Our infertility clinic was established in 1988. It is well equipped with all diagnostic facilities required for diagnosis and treatment of infertility which include, transvaginal ultrasonography with color Doppler, hormone testing laboratory, andrology and IUI laboratory Endoscopic surgery unit,IVF and ICSI lab.

All investigations and treatment facilities of Infertility are available under one roof. Presently we cater to all types of Infertility issues with highest pregnancy rates.

Our Team concentrates on studying every aspect of patients health problem. All records are documented through clinical examinations, Sonography, Color Doppler, Laproscopy, Hysteroscopy and blood tests which help us to arrive at the right diagnosis. All possible treatment options are explained thoroughly to the patient and further treatment is carried out as per patients informed decision.

Our IVF Centre was the first of our region and is also the best.

Most of our patients are determined and we too advise them not to give up, “If you have a uterus you will have a baby.” We firmly believe in this.

We have more than 250 IVF and over 1500 IUI pregnancies to our credit. Most of this success is due to a very determined and stable staff working with dedication. “Success” is the aim of our team.


We specialize in Infertility Treatments.

Tests available for infertility :
– Semen qualitative analysis.
– Transvaginal ultrasonography with color Doppler.
– Semen culture.
– Endocrine evaluation ( FSH, LH, Prolactin, TSH, E2 and P2 ).
– Follicular study.
– Post-coital test.
– Diagnostic laproscopy and Hysteroscopy. 

Treatment modalities :
– Sperm wash and Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)
– Ovulation induction with oral ovulogens and Gonadotrophins.
– Donor insemination.
– Fertility promoting laproscopic surgeries
– Doner egg IVF


Other Servies:

-Genetic Counseling
-Family Planning
-Ultrasonography and Colour Doppler