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Jolly Med

Jolly Med

Warsaw, Poland   |   Accreditation: none listed 

5 Lelechowska St.

Warsaw, Poland


+48 22 659 78 89



Website in: Polish, English, German

The JOLLY MED clinic was opened in 1999 in the centre of Warsaw, in the district of Stara Ochota.

Our staff includes various specialists: plastic surgeons, general and oncology surgeons, cardiology, dermatology, laryngology and neurology specialists.

International Patients:

JOLLY MED Clinic takes great care to prepare for the visits of foreign patients who are mostly Western Europeans. We want to insure they has a satisfying experience by taking into account their different requirements and providing maximum comfort during their visit.


Plastic surgery, and general surgery

Neck lift 
Temporal facelift 
Facelift and neck liposuction 
Facelift and chin liposuction 
Forehead lift 
Surgical fat removal from the chin 
Repeat facelift 
Plastic surgery of the eye brows
Plastic surgery of upper and lower eyelids
Plastic surgery of the lower eyelids
Protruding ears
Reduction of auricles 
Breast augmentation with implants

Breast lift
Breast lift and breast reduction
Gynaecomastia (surgical) 
Abdominoplasty / tummy tuck
Abdominoplasty with liposuction 
Hypogastric / underbelly dermolipectomy 
Abdominal liposuction 
Hypogastric liposuction 
Trochanteric liposuction 
Hips liposuction 
Buttocks liposuction 
Thighs liposuction
Knees liposuction 
Ankles liposuction
Calf liposuction 
Shoulders liposuction 
Fat tissue transplant 
Removal of a tattoo 
Surgery for Dupuytren’s contracture
Surgery for trigger finger 
Implantation of a skin expander
Cleft nose deformity 
Cleft lip deformity
Plastic surgery for retracted nipples 
Scar’s correctio
AQUA MED or Hyaluronic Acid of ampoules

Travel Information:

The Jolly Med Clinic is ten minutes drive from the airport and from the train station with free parking.

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