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Kaver Cental Cosmetic

Kaver Cental Cosmetic

San Jose, Costa Rica   |   Accreditation: HHHAC 

San Jose, C.R. 100 sur Mcdonalds Sabana

P.O. Box: 292-1007




Toll-Free: 1-866-554-2380, US number: 305-393-8812



Welcome to the cosmetic and restorative dentistry clinic of Dr. Luis Kaver.

As a leading Costa Rica cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kaver uses some of the most advanced dental technologies and techniques. He is renowned for highly customized, comprehensive treatments that can turn even severely damaged teeth into a lovely smile.

Dr. Kaver and his dentistry team recognize that many of their Costa Rica cosmetic dentistry patients feel apprehensive about undergoing dental procedures, which is why they offer various analgesic and sedation options. They also adhere to the strict sanitary and sterilization guidelines established by the American Dental Association in order to promote patient safety.

Dr. Kaver’s outstanding skill and excellent reputation attract numerous patients from Costa Rica, North, South and Central America, and Europe. Dr. Kaver’s dental team offers skillful assistance for patients who need help arranging their travel plans, accommodations and sightseeing schedules. They are focused on providing comprehensive, personalized patient care that allows traveling patients to relax and enjoy their smile makeover experience.

At Dr. Kaver’s elegantly appointed cosmetic dentistry Costa Rica offices, patients can choose from a full range of cosmetic and restorative treatments

Dr. Kaver’s Clinic is considered one of the Pioneers with 22 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica.

Here we know that your smile is your primary business card, for this reason we combine the latest technology and dedication to the art of providing a beautiful white smile in the fast treatment, while maintaining the excellent quality expected from such intensive care.

Dr. Luis Kaver is a foremost Costa Rica cosmetic dentist who is considered a pioneer in his field. Dr. Kaver has completed many years of advanced dentistry studies as well as several seminars and post-graduate training programs. His system combines different techniques that allow him to create restorations that are not only strong but also aesthetically pleasing.

As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Kaver has participated in various symposiums around the world and did his post-graduate studies at the Cosmetic Dentistry College in Baylor, Texas. These studies have enabled Dr. Kaver to provide his patients with the most innovative restorative techniques available today.


- Dental Implants
- Teeth Whitening
- Crowns
- Porcelain Veneers
- Tooth-Colored Fillings
- Dental Bridge

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