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Klinikum Chemnitz gGmbH

Klinikum Chemnitz gGmbH

Chemnitz, Germany   |   Accreditation: JCI

Flemmingstrasse 2

09116 Chemnitz, Germany


+49 (0) 371 333 0



Website in: German, English
The Klinikum Chemnitz gGmbH, a non-profit, limited liability organization, was established as a clinical centre in 1994 from the former Chemnitz municipal hospitals. With its 1,720 beds it is one of the largest hospitals in Germany, and with 3,000 employees it is also one of the largest employers in the region.
The Klinikum Chemnitz has established its own specialist treatment centres, where medical and other specialists of our clinics work together to develop a combined therapy for specific clinical pictures. In certain areas we also cooperate with other hospitals, as well as with doctors in private practices, throughout the region.

We are proud of being the first hospitals in Germany that were accredited in accordance with the standards of the Joint Commission International, based in Chicago, USA.
JCI Accreditation:
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 8 July 2000
Re-accredited: 13 March 2004
Re-accredited: 10 February 2007


Accident and Joint Surgery
Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics
Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic Radiology
ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
Geriatric Centre
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Hospital Hygiene and Environmental Medicine
Internal Medicine I / Cardiac and Vascular Diseases
Internal Medicine II / Digestive and Metabolic Diseases, Infections
Internal Medicine III / Blood Diseases, Tumour Diseases, Stem Cell Transplantation
Internal Medicine IV / Allergology, Pulmonary Diseases, Intensive Care, Sleep Medicine
Internal Medicine V / Kidney Diseases
Medical Genetics
Nuclear Medicine
Ophthalmology (Eye Clinic)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery / Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
Paediatric Surgery
Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Psychiatry, Behavioural Medicine and Psychosomatics
Radiation Oncology
Thoracic Surgery
Vascular Surgery

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