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İstanbul, Turkey   |   Accreditation: ISO 9001 TUV 

Sarayardi Cad. No:1





0090 554 537 87 10


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The KUDRET EYE HOSPITAL is Turkeys largest Eye Hospital Group. We have two main faciltiies:

Kudret Eye Istanbul
Phone: +90 216 545 64 64

Kudret Eye Ankara
Phone: +90 312 446 64 64

The KUDRET EYE hospitals have a great number of foreign patients visiting every week due to our excellent reputation.

Our doctors of the KUDRET EYE HOSPITAL GROUP graduated from universities which are famous for their excellence in education. They regularly attend congresses in advanced technology and scientific development in both Turkey and Europe to stay abreast of all the newest advances in their fields. This is indispensable if you take into consideration that in this profession, doctors need to be up-to-date.

Along with the good and secure treatment that we enhance with scientific researches, the KUDRET EYE hospitals provide friendliness, warm approach, trust and quality service to our patients within the Kudret Eye center. We firmly believe in that, within the framework of Kudret eye, you can find response to your problems and question related to eye health for all time and in every where.


The devices the KUDRET EYE hospitals work with are the most modern ones on the market, they are all fabricated and delivered us from Germany.


Thanks to the NTRALASE, the EXCIMER LASER, and the WAVEFRONT technology, we can proudly announce that the results after our operation are even better than previously assumed.

During the operation our patients do not feel any pain, the only thing they might feel is a little bit of pressure, but you do not need to worry about that. The operation will take approximately 20 minutes.

In addition the KUDRET EYE hospitals offer the most advantageous prices in type of eye surgeries we perform.

The main KUDRET EYE hospital is not only extremely modern but also located in the centre of Istanbul. This means that before and after the operation you have the opportunity to visit the places worth seeing here. And it is also usual that our patients combine their eye surgery with their holidays. On the basis of that thought we made, for your advantage, a special arrangement with 2 hotels ( 4 stars ) situated next to us. But if you wish you can stay for one night in our hospital, too.

We would be very happy to ameliorate your quality of life, because our success shows that it is easier to live without glasses and contact lenses.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.



Treatment Sections:

- Cataract Treatment
- Excimer Laser
- Keratoconus Treatment
- Refractive Surgery
- Retina Department
- Pediatric Examination
- Eye Examination of Adults
- Uveitis Treatment
- Contact Lenses
- Strabismus Treatment
- Glaucoma Treatment
- Oculoplasty
- Neuro Ophtalmology


We operate with the most modern devices on the current market, which are fabricated and delivered us directly from Germany


Traditionally, the corneal flap is prepared by means of a blade which is called as microceratome in LASIK Operation. In the literature: it is identified that the major part of the LASIK risks and complications occur in the course of flap preparing. Surgical techniques and equipment have been modified and up to dated so as to increase the satisfaction of the results and to reduce the complications but until the invention of Intralase Femtosecond Laser, no novalty has ever broke new ground in LASIK.

Intralase uses infrared laser and intralasik software to prepare the corneal flap in a depth and on a pozition as it is pre-determined. A thin flap is created in the cornea of the patient in a pre-calculated depth by means of water bubles and carbon dioxyde. These bubles enables the creation of a smooth layer between the corneal bed and the flap. Laser energy neither distorts the structure of the cornea nor effects it. No damage or change due to thin flap to be created is possible. The 3 – micron wide laser spot enables the conduct of operation with a superior sensitivity. Intralase applies the pattern first by applying the laser energy to the main point then making back and forth zig – zags on the cornea. Lastly, a laceration is made from the cornea by leaving the main point as stable. This process continues approximately 1 minute for each eye.

Under certain circumstances we will pick you up from the airport, bring you either to our hospital or to your hotel and after the operation back to the hotel or to the airport all for free.
The medication that you get, before and after the operation, is also for free.

For further information we would be pleased if you could contact us.

Travel Information:

We have special arragements with 2 hotels ( 4 stars ) next to our hospital. Our hospital and these two hotels are located in the centre of İstanbul, this means that you can easily spend your time before and after the operation with trips to famous historical places in İstanbul. 
İf our patients decide to stay in one of these hotels the transfer from the airport to the hotel and to the hospital will be for free.

To be able to give you a detailed information about the whole trip, we would be very happy if you could contact us.

Insurance Accepted:

SSK , Bağ-Kur

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