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Kusadasi Dental Studio

Kusadasi Dental Studio

Kusadasi, Turkey   |   Accreditation: Turkish Dental Association 

 Inonu Bulvarı No: 12,

Celikler Pasajı, Kat:3


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Kusadasi Dental Studio is the Implant & Aesthetic Dentistry Centre based in Kusadasi, Turkey. Dr. Erinc Kocabiyik and his stuff provide excellent dentistry and you can save up to 70% on dental treatment!

About Clinic:
Kusadasi Dental Studio features an expertise such as implantology, oral surgery, children dentistry, orthodontics, treatment of gum diseases. Providing high level of service quality, we work with the principle of unconditional patient satisfaction and maintain this quality.

At our clinic, preventive medicine, patients’ awareness of oral health, protection of existing healthy teeth, provision of oral hygiene, and any follow-up done in this respect takes precedence over treatment.

During treatment the patients, all measures necessary for the protection of infections that can cause disease are applied at the highest level in our clinic. For this purpose, the overall clinical cleanliness, equipment and supplies sterilization, the use of disposable materials (gloves, syringes, patient aprons, and seats head covers) and all waste and garbage disposal are provided in order not to threaten the environment and human health.

We, as the Kusadasi Dental Studio, in our own area accept to follow all developments and technology in dentistry as an obligation to our patients. In this respect, as well as benefiting from written sources, in fact we are participating in national and international scientific congresses.

About Dr. Erinc Kocabiyik:

Cosmetic dentistry is the field of dentistry dedicated to the art and science of enhancing a person’s smile and oral health. Dr. Erinc Kocabiyik has transformed the smiles and lives of many patients in the Kusadasi, Turkey.

After graduating from the University of İstanbul in 2005, Dr. Erinc Kocabiyik founded his own clinic. As a General Dentist he has extensive training and experience in Cosmetic Dentistry an İmplantology.

He has attended the annual International Dental Congress of TDA and annual International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress of Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr Erinc Kocabiyik is a full member of the Turkish Dental Association.

Dr. Erinc Kocabiyik invites you to contact the practice and he will gladly give you a private consultation in any aspect of cosmetic dentistry to make your choice of treatments regarding your own teeth more educated and more predictable to you.

Our Services:

- Esthetic dentistry (lamineyts and tooth whitening)
– Dental implants (implants used at Total Dent are guaranteed lifelong against breaking.)
– Crown and bridges, dentures
– Treatment of gum diseases
– Restorative dentistry


Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology