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Lexum Hospital

Lexum is the Best Hospital for Eye Treatment

Lexum Hospital PolandLexum hospitals are the leading medical institutions for ophthalmology in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Lexum is one of the largest clinics in the world today with 180,000 procedures carried out by experts.

Thousands of satisfies clients have commented that Lexum is a leading hospital for eye surgeries and that they would recommend it to others. Testimonials of patients demonstrate great satisfaction with Lexum.

The hospital delivers an array of medical procedures in relation to ophthalmology and a broad range of eye treatments; corneal transplants, laser surgery, ocuplastics surgery, cataract and vitreoriental surgery.

Laser surgery today is conducted with extreme precision. While technology and innovative methods are important, the physician and his/her experience who performs the surgery is the most important factor.

The calm environment of Lexum hospitals is one of a kind, patients feel relaxed and taken care of by a multidisciplinary staff of professionals.

The doctors boast extensive knowledge in the field of eye treatments, they are all accredited by top-notch medical schools and are supported by a range of staff including nurse practitioners, pharmacists, orthopists and optometrists.

The hospitalization facilities are top quality which makes the ‘experience’ to be a successful one.

Lexum is globally acknowledged as the hospital of excellence for adults and children. International and inbound patients choose Lexum hospital because of the high rate of success with eye treatments.

In 2012, Moonray Healthcare acquired Lexum hospitals and will united with Optegra, a network of eye clinics in the U.K and Germany. Tim Clover, the executive of Moonray Healthcare comments on the acquisition of Lexum:

 “We hope to exchange the great ideas that we have seen in due diligence between the two companies and further improve patient care and business performance. This investment in Lexum is the latest stage of a significant expansion plan which will continue in further regions.”

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