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Limb Lengthening Center of Iran

Limb Lengthening Center of Iran

Tehran, Iran   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Vanak Sq.-Sane’ie St.-No.31(old 4)-unit 2


+9821 44010570



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Established in 2001, Iran?s Limb Lengthening Center aims at helping individuals suffering personal and social problems due to short stature. Limb lengthening operations have been practiced for more than 50 years now. The first surgery was performed by Dr. Ilizarov in the 1950?s.

One of our main goals in running this website has been to promote public knowledge about the mechanisms and methods used in limb lengthening, since we believe that the shortcomings of the scientific centers in rendering correct information has somehow paved the way for those who wrongfully claim they can perform height increasing by prescribing pills or dermal patches, and etc.

The truth is that once the growth plates are closed which is in boys, at age 17, and in girls, at age 15 there is no non-surgical way to help lengthen the limbs. In this surgery, a small cut is made in the bone and by distracting techniques the bones will be separated resulting in gradual limb lengthening. The space, thus, will be filled by naturally generated bone. More explanation about the mechanism and the tools and methods used in this operation can be found in this website. Furthermore, this center has so far performed over 185 cases of height increasing surgeries.

If you are seriously considering limb lengthening, we can arrange for you to meet some of the people who are at different stages of limb lengthening.


- Height Increase
– Limb Lengthening
– Finger Regrowing
– Leg Length Discrepancy Correction