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London Bridge Hospital

London Bridge Hospital

London, UK   |   Accreditation: ISO, HAQU 

 27 Tooley Street London,



International Patient Manager: Mohammed Hashem


+44(0) 20 7234 2459



London Bridge Hospital has a great deal of experience in meeting the cultural needs of international patients and offers a service dedicated to caring for our patients and visitors from all over the world.

The International Department provides support from the moment a medical report is received right through to assistance with arranging transport home, ensuring international patients feel at ease about coming to London for treatment and feel at home during their stay at London Bridge Hospital.

For the International Patient:

– The Department is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 7:30pm and a 24-hour emergency service is available outside these hours and at weekends.

– All patients and their relatives are met upon arrival at London Bridge Hospital and assistance is provided with admission including accompanying patients and relatives to their rooms.

– Upon admission, Health and Safety regulations and the fire routine is explained and the International department also provides information on the equipment in the room, a description of the hospital and the services provided.

– We provide vital services to all non-English speaking patients and act as a liaison and interpreter between patients, consultants, ward staff and other departments.

– The staff from the International Department are also on hand to deal with any problems or complaints if they arise.

– Our chefs offer a separate Middle East menu and other room services include Arabic language TV and newspaper services.

– Services for visitors and patients’ relatives include arranging transport both to and from the Hospital and/or airport, and locating suitable accommodation. The International department constantly strives to improve and update the services it provides and would welcome any comments or feedback and suggestions for improvement.


In addition to mandatory registration with the Healthcare Commission, we voluntarily seek accreditation from HAQU, ISO etc.


HCA Cancer Care – Services Provider


Services and Specialties:

* Allergy
* Anaesthetics
* Blood Disorders
* Bowel Cancer Screening
* Breast Care Surgery
* Cancer Services
* Cardiology
* Cardiothoracic Surgery
* Cellular Pathology
* Clinical Genetics
* Colorectal Surgery
* Critical Care Unit
* Dental Radiology
* Dermatology
* Dietetic Services
* Endocrine Surgery
* Endocrinology
* ENT Surgery
* Gastroenterology/Endoscopy
* Gender Reassignment Surgery
* General Surgery
* Genito-Urinary Medicine / Sexual Health
* Gynaecology
* Haematology
* Hepatology / Liver Medicine
* Imaging Services
* Intensive Care
* International Service
* Liver, Biliary and Pancreas Surgery
* Lupus
* Neurology
* Neurophysiology
* Neuroradiology
* Neurosurgery
* Occupational Health Medicine
* Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
* Orthopaedic Surgery
* Outpatient Services
* Pain Management
* Palliative Care
* Pathology
* Peripheral Stem Cell Transplant
* Pharmacy
* Physiotherapy
* Plastic Surgery
* Podiatry
* Psychiatry
* Radiology
* Renal Medicine / Dialysis
* Respiratory / Chest
* Rheumatology
* Sports Medicine
* Theatres
* Thoracic Surgery
* Urology
* Vascular Surgery