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Matell Dental Center

Matell Dental Center

Vodice, Croatia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

 Cirila i Metoda 2,

22211 Vodice, Kroatien


Suzana Kosanovi


+385-(0)22-444 930



Website in: Croatian, English, German, French

Matell Dental Center is a modern dentistry centre with a team of qualified and highly motivated dental surgeons, dental technicians and assistants, who will treat you in compliance with European standards, in air-conditioned rooms all equipped with the most innovative technology.

Our team of surgeons and technicians is expertly advised by German dental surgeons Dr. Branko Ka?aj and Gabriele Lotze. They work closely alongside one other and regularly take part in further training sessions both internationally and in our very own training centre.

The Matell Dental Center is located in Vodice, a charming holiday resort on the Croatian Adria Coast. If you prefer to relax in a private atmosphere while being treated at the MDC, you can rent very modern, fully furnished, beautiful, comfortable and air-conditioned MDC Apartments directly at the MDC or Inter-national Office Service before your arrival. They are located close-by the MDC and the beach. There are also hotels that are nearby the facility.

Affiliated with a Center in Germany as well.

Zahnmedizinische Klinik am Wasserturm ZKW
Abt. Funktionsdiagnostik & Funktionstherapie
Dr. Branko Ka?aj
07,13 (Planken)
D – 68161 Mannheim

Tel: +49-(0)621-4549417 | Fax: +49-(0)621-20159 | Mob: +49-(0)172-9450087 |
E-mail: bkasaj@gmx.de
Web: www.private-zahnklinik.com



-General fillings
-Root canal/ paradontitis treatment
-Orthodontics for adults and children
-Functional diagnostics & therapy
-Conservation Services

-Inlay filling 
-Prosthetic services
-Dental Implant Services
-Superstructure (abutment)
-Orthodontics (children & adults)