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McDiarmid Hall Clinic

McDiarmid Hall Clinic

Derriford, Plymouth, UK   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Tamar Science Park ITTC, Davy Road



Cosmetic Surgery enquiries: James McDiarmid at james@mhclinic.co.uk





Welcome to the McDiarmid-Hall Clinic. We are a cosmetic surgery clinic in the South West of England run by consultant plastic surgeon Mr James McDiarmid.

The aim of the McDiarmid-Hall Clinic is to help patients considering plastic surgery to make informed decisions on the safest, most effective and most appropriate procedure for them. When considering the benefits that good plastic surgery can bring, potential side effects must also be considered. We are a surgeon led practice – this means that you will see the surgeon from start to finish and not just on the day of your operation

The McDiarmid- Hall Clinic’s other locations:

Bon Air Hospital, Jersey
Gloucester Winfield Hospital
Plymouth Nuffield Hospital
Truro Duchy Hospital
Torquay, Mount Stuart Hospital

Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital
22 Imperial Square
Phone: 01242 571 020


Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

The McDiarmid-Hall Clinic specializes in breast surgery (breast augmentation (enlargement), uplift and reduction) face lift surgery, brow lift surgery and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping); as well as recontouring treatments such as abdominoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction and bodylifts.

We also provide non-surgical treatments including microdermabrasion, restylane and laser resurfacing.

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