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MD Anderson Cancer Center Texas

MD Anderson Cancer Center Texas


Houston, US   |   Accreditation: JCI Aerial Photography of MD Anderson Cancer Campus

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

1515 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030


(713) 745-0450


Information available in English, Turkish, Japanese and Arabic

At M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, our mission is simple ? to eliminate cancer. Achieving that goal begins with integrated programs in cancer treatment, clinical trials, education programs and cancer prevention.

To us, people are more than just their cancer symptoms. Compassion ? along with innovative cancer treatments, cutting-edge cancer research, comprehensive education and research-based prevention of both common and rare cancers ? has earned the gratitude of countless adult and pediatric cancer patients and their families. M. D. Anderson Cancer Center: life-saving, life-changing care, since 1941.

Other International Contact Information:

A toll-free telephone number is available from Mexico and Canada: 1-800-811-6167, or from Venezuela: 1-800-12338.

Elnar Koseoglu, Senior International Patient Representative
E-mail Elnar: ekoseogl@mdanderson.org

For other Patient Representatives see:



Most of the new patients who come to M. D. Anderson every year are treated as outpatients in one of our specialized Care Centers. These centers embody the team approach to cancer care that has become an M. D. Anderson trademark. Each Care Center is designed to treat specific types of cancer.

Our Care Centers bring together surgeons, radiologists and other cancer specialists under one roof, so our patients don?t have to go from one clinic to another for treatment. Some of our Care Centers also include diagnostic services when possible.

Brain & Spine Center
Breast Center
Cancer Prevention Center
Cardiopulmonary Center
Children’s Cancer Hospital
Clinical Care Centers
Endocrine Center
Gastrointestinal Center
Genitourinary Center
Gynecologic Oncology Center
Head & Neck Center
Internal Medicine Center
Leukemia & Bioimmunotherapy Center
Lymphoma & Myeloma Center
Melanoma & Skin Center
Plastic Surgery Center
Proton Therapy Center
Radiation Treatment Center
Sarcoma Center
Stem Cell Transplantation Center 
Thoracic Center

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