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 Amsterdam, Netherlands   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Medisch Esthetisch Instituut Amsterdam

Concertgebouwplein 11, 1071 LL Amsterdam


0031 20 664 35 09



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Medea means rejuvenation of the skin. Medea is able to offer a range of treatments in order to reduce the aging process of the skin, increasing natural beauty and enriching life.

Medea Medical Aesthetic Institute Amsterdam is based in the Museum Quarters of Amsterdam, the central cosmopolitan location attracts clients from the Netherlands, UK, Europe and overseas.

The excellent transport links to Amsterdam is an important reason, the other reason for this attraction is the ability of Medea to offer the latest treatments within this special environment. Medea uses state of the art equipment for its treatments and surgical procedures. Safety and quality are most important to us. Our main focus is to offer a personalised service, to make you feel as comfortable as possible while in our care.

Part of this service is the ability to communicate with our surgeon before arrival in the Netherlands. Any questions you have will be answered before your stay, ensuring your comfort throughout the procedure. During your stay in the Netherlands we offer 24 hour assistance, ensuring your feel confident to enjoy Dutch hospitality in your recovery period.

All staff of Medea are qualified under Dutch legislation and all speak fluent English. The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in Europe in its health care. Medea is approved by the Dutch Health Inspection and is able to offer procedures under local or full anaesthetic.


Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Nose job
Thread veins
Port-wine stains
kin rejuvenation
Hair removal
Birth Marks
Eye brow/ forehead lift
Eyelid correction
Arm lift Breast enlargement
Breast correction
Implant removal
Bottom Lift
Thigh lift

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