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Medical Prestige

Medical Prestige

Prague, Czech Republic   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Na Nivch 21

Praha 4, 141 00


+420 602 686 886, +420 241 483 506



Medical Prestige LLP plastic surgery clinic offers you access to top-quality cosmetic surgery abroad. We offer you a wide range of surgery in various fields of aesthetic medicine at affordable prices. Clients of Medical Prestige cosmetic surgery clinic are treated by a team of well-trained and well-experienced surgeons using state-of-the-art technology.

In the Czech Republic cosmetic surgery is strictly controlled and regulated. Cosmetic surgeons have to graduate from general medicine (6-years program) and gain enough experience under supervision of senior surgeons (another 6 years).

Surgeons at our cosmetic surgery clinic are real professionals with 10-20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

The luxurious equipment of our in-patient clinic corresponds to a five-star hotel with all the accessories. Live flowers, fresh fruits, brand china are taken for granted. The clients are attended by top-trained nurses, who are dressed in becoming suits and provide professional care; the nurses are accustomed to working with the most demanding clients. At any time, the hospitalized clients may be visited by their family members or it is even possible to enable them to stay at their bed-side.


Plastic Surgery Procedures:

Augmentation Mammoplasty-Breast Enlargement
Breast reduction (Mammaplasty)
Upper and Lower Eyelids
Ears correction
Abdominoplasty-tummy tuck
Thigh correction
Buttocks correction:
Arm correction

Non Invasive Methods of Plastic Surgery:

BOTOX – myorelaxation injection
Collagen injections
Body forming

Aesthetic Dermatology Procedures

We perform all kind of treatments such as elimination of dermal protuberances, pigment spots, warts, and scars using different types of methods. The up to dated world-class methods are used for the treatments of skin diseases such as athlete?s foot, psoriasis, eczema, varicose vein, herpes, dermal tumors and other viral skin diseases. Very successful is the treatment of located sweating (armpit, palm, foot) by Botox application.


Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic stomatology

General Surgery Procedures
The most demanded surgical procedure:

Vascular surgery
Hernia operation
Gall bladder operation

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