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Meir Medical Center

Meir Medical Center

Kefar-Saba, Israel   |   Accreditation: JCI 

59 Tchernichovsky St.

Kfar Saba


09-7472555 hospital switchboard



Website in: Hebrew, English

MeirMedical Center has 704 beds, and is the main medical center for the Sharon region. The hospital has some 100 departments and units.

The Meir Medical Center of the General Health Services (Sherut Briut Clalit) has chosen sports medicine as one of its fields of focus during the last few years, assisted by the staff of specialists in sports medicine within its authority. For five years, Meir Medical Center has been defined as ?The Olympic Hospital? since it serves as the medical center that treats the athletes of the Olympic team.

All of the hospital?s departments are known for their proficiency. They are affiliated with the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, and actively participate in training medical students in their clinical studies. There are many doctors with academic appointments. The laboratories of the center are affiliated with Bar Ilan University.


JCI Accreditation:

Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 19 September 2008


Nephrology Department & Clinics 
Oncology Institute 
Genetic Institute 
OB/GYN Ultrasound
In Vitro Fertilization 
High-Risk Pregnancy
Neonatal Unit
Obstetrics & Gynecology 
Coronary Rehabilitation Institute 
Respiratory Intensive Care 
Orthopedics section
Surgery section
Internal Medicine section
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
Pulmonary Function Clinic
Rheumatology Clinic
Ultrasound Institute
X-Ray Institute
Dermatology Clinic
Gynecology Clinics (general, endocrinology, fertility)
Orthopedic Clinics (general, hands, knees)
Pediatric Clinics (urology, surgery)
Proctology Clinic
Spine Clinic
Surgery + Vascular Clinic
Urology Clinic