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Molding Clinic

Molding Clinic

Marbella, Spain   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Carretera N-340, km. 176-29600

Puerto Banus – Marbella


+34-902506060, +34-951055950



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The Molding Clinic is a cosmetic treatment clinic in the heart of Marbella, just at the entrance to Puerto Ban?s. It is an impressive palatial building built with the nuances of the neo-classical architectural style. It is a superb location for the administration of curative therapies, treatments to fight stress, and a wide range of natural stimulation therapies, the aim of which is to maintain the body in haemostatic balance.

Molding Clinic is the best clinic for medical, surgical and natural therapies aimed at providing our clients with the best quality of life. We are committed to fighting the aging process, which we all inexorably go through.

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Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery

– Breast augmentation
– Breast reduction
– Face / neck lifting
– Endoscopic lifting
– Liposuction / liposculture
– Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)
– Blepharoplasty
– Rhinoplasty
– Otoplasty

Molding Mask:
Molding Mask is an exclusive facial rejuvenation treatment WITHOUT SURGERY
performed by Dr Ram?n Roig?. It is a safe and effective rejuvenation treatment that rejuvenates the human face up to 20 years, depending on the specific characteristics of each different skin type.

Advanced laser & IPL therapy
– Laser resurfacing
– Skin pigmentations
– Vascular lesions
– Photoepilation (laser hair removal)
– Non Ablative Photorejuvenation
– Tattoo removal

Angiology and phlebology