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Nova Specialty Hospitals (NSH)

Nova Specialty Hospitals (NSH) - India

Nova Specialty Hospitals (NSH) operate twelve medical centers and eight fertility clinics. The concept of the twelve medical centers demonstrates a new approach in the medical feild; patients who undergo surgery can return home at the same day or within two to three days. There is no need to stay in hospital for recovery purposes which saves money for the patient and prevents secondary risks after surgery.

Nova Specialty Hospitals offer an effective and efficient healthcare service which is affordable to inbound and especially to outbound patients.

The divisions at Nova Specialty Hospitals include oncology, urology, gynecology, gastroenterology, ENT, orthopedics and bariatric surgery.

Nova Specialty Hospitals hire top surgeons and are in partnership with a renowned group of physician from the States and Germany & London.

The medical institutions of Nova Specialty Hospitals are ultra-modern; they are equipped with innovative operating rooms and leading-edge technology.

Nova Specialty Hospitals create a unique medical environment, offering international patients with excellent healthcare services in outstanding medical facilities.

Nova Specialty Hospitals boast successful fertility centers which have formed partnership with IVI Spain. The successful results of Nova’s IVF centers draw hundreds of medical tourists to Nova Specialty Fertility Centers who have given up on conceiving naturally.

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