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OCA Hospital

OCA Hospital

Monterrey, Mexico   |   Accreditation: JCI, ISO 9001-2000 

Pino Suarez 645 Nte

Monterrey, N.L., C.P. 64000


Karina Arrambide


+52 (81) 8262 0000 & 8865 75000



Website in: English, Spanish

OCA Hospital is an internationally recognized medical institution with more than 30 years of experience. At this time it is the largest private hospital in Mexico. During the last years, it has characterized itself by an important growth in technology and infrastructure as well as by momentous achievements in the medical area.

On March 2002 OCA Hospital was chosen by the Presidential Guard as the only Reference Hospital for the U.N. International Summit, where presidents from more than 40 countries (including President George W. Bush) gathered together to discuss Financial and Economic Policies. This achievement repeated itself on January 2004 where OCA was selected again by the Secretary of Health and the Presidential Guard for the American Summit.

Among other achievements and distinctions we highlight the following:

* 2000: Hospital Certification from the National Health Council.
* 2001: First Spinal Diode Laser Surgery on the American Continent.
* 2002: First One Session Radiosurgery in Latin America .
* 2002: First Pediatric Liver Transplant in northern Mexico .
* 2003: Medical Headquarters for the UN Summit at Cintermex.
* 2003: Named by Philips as Technological Reference Center for Latin America .
* 2003: ISO 9001-2000 Certification in all departments from TUV America.
* 2004: Medical Headquarters for the Summit of the Americas .
* 2004: Hospital Re-certification from the National Health Council
* 2005: First Clinical Research Center (MIRC) in northern Mexico.
* 2005: Construction of the country?s most advanced Stem Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory.
* 2005: Performance of the country?s first intracoronary Stem Cell Implant in an infarcted heart for tissue regeneration with excellent results.
* 2005: Acquisition of the first PET-CT with Cyclotron in northern Mexico.
* 2005: H Standard Certification of the Nutrition Department. First High Specialty hospital in the country to obtain this certification.
*2007: Nuevo Leon Award for
*2007: Recognized by
G.E.Healthcare as Technological Reference Center for Latin America, at Oncology Area
*2007: Named by Miltenyi Biotech(located in Germany) as 
Excellence Center for Cell Therapy by its successful
participation in the first Stem Cell transplant of the Country via intramyocardial. 
*2008: Appointed by Philips
Healthcare as Technological Excellence Center for Latin
*2008: Joint Commission International accreditation.
*2009: ISO 15189 
Certification at their laboratories, being the first private hospital that get the accreditations in all of its processes. 
*2009 Publishes at the GenBank (Database for sequences at the National Institute of
Genetic Health of the United States of America) the genome of the Influenza A H1N1 virus, being the first private
institution of the country that gets this information.

OCA Hospital has begun this year a new phase that involves its incursion in high level research, focused mainly on new therapies for cancer treatment. This will allow us to offer the most advanced options at the present time and continue to improve the patient?s quality of life.


In order to provide optimum care both to the patient and the family, we provide the comfort of an integrated hotel by offering eight double rooms with all the conveniences. By being inside the hospital area, relatives are able to have a place for physical and emotional rest, while being near the patient without leaving the hospital.

JCI accreditation
Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 27 September 2008


Departments at OCA Hospital

- Cardiology
– Surgery
– Emergencies
– Endoscopy
– Hemodialysis
– Maternity and Obstetrics
– Oncology