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Omni Hospital

Omni Hospital

Guayaquil, Ecuador   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Abel Romeo Castillo and Avenida Juan Tanca Marengo Ave


59 3 42109000



Website in Spanish

For the International Patient:

Omni Hospital offers comprehensive care for patients from abroad. We have the following medical and administrative structure:

– We have the most modern medical equipment suitable for various procedures offered by the Omni Hospital.

– Omni Hospital has a select group of experienced medical specialists.

– Omni Hospitalhas in place a specially designed medical tourism program with a specialized administrative structure for the coordination of care staffed by an assistant who speaks fluent English.

– You will find on our website more detailed information regarding our entire organization, including: services, medical specialists, addresses and telephone numbers for information, procedures, curriculum of medical equipment, and physical infrastructure of the Omni Hospital.

Omni Hospital services are organized based on a clear process that provides all the necessary functions and responsibilities.

Omni Hospital has the capacity to serve foreign medical tourism markets, especially Spain, Italy, USA and Canada with airline connections.



The special procedures Omni Hospital offers international patients include:

Bariatric Surgery
Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
Orthopedic foot surgery
Laparoscopic surgery and general
Minimally invasive surgery.
Cardiac Surgery
Cardiac catheterization and stenting