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OncoAmerica Cancer Care Center

OncoAmerica Cancer Care Center

Maracaibo, Venezuela   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Av. 8 Entre calles 70 & 71

Sotano de la Policlinica Maracaibo


Rodolfo Carrero


58-261-798-6440, 256-468-8549



Website in: Spanish, English

OncoAmerica offers treatments with compassionate care aided by the best technologies available including 3 linear accelerators and multi-leaf collimators, as well as Nutrition, Psychology, and Spiritual programs to aid our patients and their families.

The multi-leaf collimator allows the application of radiation to the tumor while sparing healthy tissues and organs. A computerized planning system and 3-Dimensional visualization program assists the doctor in planning optimal treatment through the specific selection of areas to treat while protecting all other areas. This system that has revolutionized radiation treatments around the world.

OncoAmerica supports the group “Better Living” because we understand the great importance of hearing the experiences of others, the transfer of knowledge from one group to another and the lessons that this group provides to other patients and their family members.

“Better Living” was born from the wishes of patients of OncoAmerica to help others who were first going through the experience of having cancer.

The group is open to all patients and open to all those who also wish to share their experiences with others and through these experiences to be supportive to others.

OncoAmerica Cancer Care Centers, Inc., is a company that specializes in the opening and management of radiation therapy centers.

OncoAmerica has extensive experience in both internal management of its sites and in marketing their services through methodologies developed over the years in marketing and sales techniques.

Our development has focused on the markets of Mexico and Venezuela, with ten schools in two centers in Mexico and Venezuela (Maracaibo & Cabimas).

For the years 2010 – 2011 we plan to open five more centers in Venezuela, more than ten centers (total of 20 OncoAmericas) in Mexico, and two centers in USA.


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