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Orlando Regional Medical Center

Orlando Regional Medical Center

Orlando, US   |   Accreditation: JCI

1414 Kuhl Avenue

Orlando, FL 32806




As one of the largest tertiary facilities in the region, Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) offers the most advanced care available for all your surgical, medical, rehabilitative and emergency care needs. In addition to a highly qualified team of physicians, nurses and clinical staff, we offer the very latest in technology and diagnostic imaging capabilities. ORMC is a home to Central Florida’s only Level One Trauma Center.

International Patients

One of the many features unique to our healthcare system is our preparedness and expertise in dealing with international patients. In fact, more than 6,000 international patients come through Orlando Regional Healthcare each year. (Note: by this we mean actual non-U.S. residents. The hospital also cares for many local residents with culturally diverse backgrounds not included in this category.)

In an aggressive effort to understand all of our visiting cultures and to meet the various religious, dietary, and language needs of our guests from around the world, many of our staff take part in a special cross-cultural training program. This focus of this program is to provide insight on some of our most frequently encountered patient groups from abroad.

In order to meet the language needs of our non-English speaking patients and guests, Orlando Regional Healthcare has an efficient electronic database from which to obtain staff translators for more than twenty different languages. We even have telephone translation available 24 hours a day for those more uncommon languages we may encounter.

To cater to the many different religious beliefs of our international guests, we offer a prayer or meditation room in each of our hospital facilities, as well as access to chaplains, and an extensive listing of various churches and places of worship in the Central Florida area.

Our cultural sensitivity is extended further still, addressing the important issue of diet. Due to certain dietary restrictions, either of religious, personal or cultural relevance, Orlando Regional strives to accommodate the international guest’s food and food preparation needs.

Among the various services our International Business department provides are pre-admission coordination while potential guests are still in their home country, referral arrangements, travel coordination, and assistance in obtaining immigration papers or travel visas, and currency exchange. We can even set up lodging and secure tickets to local tourist attractions and theme parks including Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios!

Our Hubbard House is an on-campus guesthouse built by concerned members of our community for families and patients from outside the Orlando area. The warm and friendly environment of Hubbard House helps restore a sense of calm during stressful times of illness or injury. Guests at Hubbard House pay a nominal amount for their stay and are provided a number of amenities. Hubbard House is located in close proximity to Orlando Regional Medical Center, Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies and M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando.


Contact for International Patients


If you are interested in additional information or if you wish to begin the pre-planned admissions process for a medical procedure, please contact our International Business Department at 407 481-7180.


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