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Otwock Hospital – The European Health Center Otwock

European Health Center Otwock - Poland

European Health Center OtwockThe European Health Center Otwock offers international patients and Polish residents top-notch medical services; complex surgeries to outpatient procedures by the best medical physicians in Europe.

 Otwock is adjacent to Warsaw and is the most comprehensive hospital in Europe renowned for its excellent in leading-edge medicine.

 The European Health Centre Otwock is renowned for its outstanding modern medical services.

The hospital boasts advanced technology in all the fields of medicine and a multidisciplinary team of experts who have an innovative approach to the many treatments in the hospital.  

The Diagnostic Institute is the largest in the country and has a huge demand due to its cutting-edge facilities.

The European Health Center Otwock is a private medical institution in Poland. It absorbs many interns who train in the many departments.

 Departments of the European Health Center Otwock:

The hospital allows patients to participate in clinical trials for kidney cancer and breast cancer; patients who want to participate in those trials are welcome to address the hospital.

The Urology Department includes oncological urology, treatment of cancers of the urinary tract (men and women). Prostate cancer is one of the major cancer treatments in Otwock. Laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries – minimal invasive procedures are the leading methods in many departments in Otwock. The Urology Department includes: bladder, prostate, implant of artificial sphincter, kidney, urolithiasis, BPH and fistula surgeries

The hospital has an outpatient basis, providing medical treatment as follows:

 Cardiac diagnostics, radiology diagnostics; x-rays, mammography and ultrasound, gastro and ophthalmology

 The European Health Center Otwock is the first hospital in Poland which conducts robotic surgery. The surgeons perform robotic surgery in combination with laparoscopy; it is easier for the surgeon to access organs and tissues by this method. Many medical procedures in urology, gynecology, oncology and gastrointestinal procedures use the method of robotic surgery.

 Otwock has a program which deals with diabetes type-2. The program is a mini gastric bypass surgery which in many cases resolves the chronic disease of diabetes. This method helps patients control their weight and is recommended by the national Institute of Health in the U.K. 

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