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Pakistan Orthopaedic and Cometology Center

Pakistan Orthopaedic and Cometology Center

Peshawar, Pakistan   |   Accreditation: none listed 

#25, ST 2, N-3, Phase 4, Hayatabad

TF 127, Deans Trad Center





The Pakistan Orthopaedic and Cometology Center strives for quality care, provide best standard services and innovative methods of management for complex clinical situations in trauma, orthopaedics, and cosmetology. We are located at Islamabad and Peshawar.

The Pakistan Orthopaedic Clinic is a leader in Pakistan in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic and sports medicine injuries and illnesses. In addition to sports medicine, we specialize in all aspects of orthopaedic care, including the diagnosis and treatment of the spine, shoulder, elbow, knee, hand and foot disorders; orthopaedic trauma; arthritis; total joint replacement; congenital disorders, and work-related injuries.

Orthopaedic Cosmetology is the area of medicine and modren treatment technologies for improving the physical deformities and external aesthetic look of the human body. Its a new branch of aesthetic surgery. It is used to prevent and correct deformities as a result of limb trauma and orthopaedic pathologies. It involves both plastic and orthopaedic reconstructive surgery techniques. Besides improving the external appearance and limb function, it has the significant prophylactic benefit of preventing secondary problems due to different deformities e.g., someone developing knee and hip arthritis as a result of bowed legs etc.

Our Wound Care Team is dedicated to caring for people with wounds that have resisted healing. With our team effort we have established an impressive record in healing these acute and chronic ulcers. The wound program stresses the basics of common sense medical and surgical care combined with the most advanced wound care technologies, (hyperbaric medicine, growth factors, bioengineered tissue and advanced dressing materials).

Our team of experienced staff members is here to help you and will coordinate all aspects of care while you are here, including scheduling physician visits and clarifying procedures. We pride ourselves in servicing a national and international clientele, paying extra attention to personal, cultural, and travel-related needs.

Our Head Office is at Hayatabad, Peshawar linked with satellite clinics within and around Islamabad and Peshawar.

The Pakistan Orthopaedic and Cometology Center offers:

Limb lengthening procedures, height increase by limb lengthening surgery, orthopedic cosmetology to improve the physical disabilities for cosmetic and function reasons, extensive Ilizarov and reconstructive surgeries, post polio disabilities reconstructive surgery, gross obesity comprehensive management program


orthopaeidic reconstructive surgery
lizarov surgery
short stature management