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Poliklinika Opthalmology and Gastroenterology

Poliklinika Opthalmology and Gastroenterology

Zagreb, Croatia   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Bishop Josip Lang Square 3,

Zagreb, Trg biskupa


Gastroenterology: (01) 48 25 185, Opthalmology: (01) 48 11 654



Website in: English, Croatian

Poliklinika Opthalmology and Gastroenterology is an outpatient center for ophthalmology & contact lenses, gastroenterology and anesthesiology.

Appointments and information on tel./fax. +385-1-48 11 654

Gastroenterology Office Anestesiology Office

* Clinical examination
* Abdominal ultrasound
* Gastroscopy and colonoscopy in anesthesia
* Medical weight loss program with intragastric balloon
* Helicobacter pylori detection from bioptic material, blood and stool
* Tumor and viral markers: CEA, AFP, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV

Ophthalmology and Contact Lens Office

* Medical contactology, fitting of all types of contact lenses
* General ophthalmology and eye diseases treatment
* Visual field and neuroophthalmologic examinations

At our MEDI LENS office we offer the sale of contact lenses, solutions, lens acessories and frames.

Telephone (01) 48 11 654


- Opthalmology
- Gastroenterology

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