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Prestige Clinic

Prestige Clinic

Wroclaw, Poland   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Rajska Street 73


0 71 349 44 44



Website in: Polish, English, German

Prestige Clinic offers a range of medical surgeries form the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology. We have been performing transplantations of hair grafts since 1999 which significantly relieves the problem of balding. With the use of modern equipment combined with the latest medical treatments and professional personnel we will make sure you receive the very best care.

Our personnel are composed of experienced specialists, who will make sure you receive prime quality of performed surgeries. The nursing team provides you with best care before and after the surgery.Our clinic is equipped with modern operating theatre that is composed of two operating rooms and preparatory room.

Our Patients are accommodated in convenient wards equipped with nurse calling facilities, tv set, telephone and a bathroom.

You may also contact:

dr Piotr Rataj: drrataj@prestige-clinic.pl

dr Aneta Madej: drmadej@prestige-clinic.pl


Cosmetic Surgery:

Eyelid surgery
Ear surgery-Otoplasty
Face lift
Breast augmentation
Abdominoplasty- Tummy tuck
Transplantation of fat autografts
Lip correction