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Puerto Vallarta Hospital-Amerimed

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   |   Accreditation: none listed 

Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio No. 3970

Area Militar de Vallarta, 48335


01 55 5534 2411 / 011-52-322-226-2080 international



Puerto Vallarta Hospital is an Amerimed Hospital that opened in Puerto Vallarta in the fall of 1996. Amerimed specializes in the care of international tourists.

AmeriMed offers an integrated medical system which includes urgent and emergency care, obstetrics and gynecology care, family practice, and medical and surgical diagnosis and treatment.

AmeriMed is led by European-trained specialists, and its focus on cardiac and endovascular medicine is excellent. It’s one of the leading choices for surgical and diagnostic cardiac treatments.

Cosmetic surgery is another avenue where AmeriMed Hospitals excel. Complete care and treatment is given to medical tourists when they undergo cosmetic surgery. The experience can be described as luxurious and fully safe. AmeriMed Hospitals follow surgical techniques in tucking and liposuction as done in the US.

International Patients:

Full bilingual staffed hospitals, high-tech equipment, up to date skills and fully accredited physicians assure that patients can expect the same quality of care in Puerto Vallarta as they would the United States, Canada or Europe.

AmeriMed Hospitals have private rooms with full bath Cardiac monitoring capabilities, a “Stat” nurse call system, immediate laboratory analysis available 24/7, remote controlled satellite TV, private nurses available upon request, nutritionist designed menus, family waiting area, physician specialists in-house and available 24/7, in-room phones include direct long distance capabilities and computer generated and archived patient record.

All patients are seen postoperatively by the operative surgeon. The physician does any post op care such as dressing, drain, or suture removal as well as follow up care and instructions. The length of hospital stay varies depending on the type of procedure done. Most require just a one-night stay in the hospital to monitor recovery and pain control if needed. Tummy tucks usually require two nights and in some cases three. Patients can then go to their homes, hotels or condos to finish recuperating, returning to their individual doctors? office for follow up care.


Liposuction surgeries are the most popular procedures requested in Puerto Vallarta. Traditional liposuction, ultrasound assisted liposuction or UAL, and liposculpture are available in addition to:

Tummy tuck
Breast augmentation or enlargement
Breast lifts
Breast reductions 
Eyelid surgery 
Liposuction surgeries 
Rhinoplasty or nose surgery
Calf implants,
Chin and cheek re-sculpturing 
Collagen, fat and Botox injections

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