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Rashid Hospital DOHMS

Rashid Hospital DOHMS

Dubai, UAE   |   Accreditation: JCI 

 PO Box 4545 Dubai, UAE




Rashid Hospital DOHMS is one of the premier medical facilities for emergency, trauma, critical care and ambulatory care. We provide high-quality services to all patients within the community, as well as striving to provide leadership in the education and training of health care professionals.


Rashid Hospital stands out as one of the most prominent and reputable emergency medical centers in the Gulf region. It receives the majority of complicated case referrals from many other hospitals, and coordinates closely with the Dubai Police & Civil Defense for the training of emergency medical staff at the airports.

The Rashid Hospital- DOHMS is a member hospital of the Department of Health and Medical Services that provides administrative and financial services to its member hospitals, primary health care facilities and other institutions.

JCI Accreditation:

Program: Hospital
First Accredited: 26 October 2007


Some of the Services provided by Rashid Hospital:

– Anesthetic
– Neuro Surgery
– Cardiology
– Ophthalmology
– Dental
– -Pediatric
– Dermatology
– Physiotherapy
– Emergency & Critical Care
– Plastic Surgery
– ENT Department
– Psychiatry Department
– Gastroenterology
– Radiology
– General Surgery
– Rehabilitation
– Hematology
– Thoracic
– Infection Disease
– Trauma
– Nephrology Department
– Vascular
– Neuro Medical